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  • I am a teacher and need to upload some large PowerPoint files to my website. Is there any way to get around the restrictions? Perhaps upgrade? Any help would be wonderful!

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  • It would be best to ftp them to your site and then link to them from within your blog.

    I’ve used this service before for 65mb files

    possible for wordpress

    also, I have done this and it works for some:
    1. Go to php.ini file,inside php folder.
    2. search for variables ‘upload_max_filesize’ & ‘post_max_size or max_post_size’
    3. change its default value from 2M to 50M(or depends on your need ).
    4. save the php.ini file.
    5. restart the server (likely this is not necessar

    of course ftp is best imo

    Uploading large files to your own webspace is NOT a good idea. Aside from the fact that they use a lot of your storage space, they also make a huge hit on your bandwidth each time they are accessed.

    I haven’t used the service that samboli mentioned, but using a service such as that or Mediafire (what I use) is much easier and smarter. Mediafire will provide a link to download or open any file you store on your FREE space, categorized by folders you assign files to – or the entire site in one shot.

    I would imagine the service samboli uses works similarly. These services work like image storage sites, except they store files rather than images.

    Uploading large files to your own webspace is NOT a good idea.

    That depends…I upload a lot of my training video that’s intended for general public viewing to YouTube and simply embed the video in my sites…like here:

    And as you point out, that does save my storage space and bandwidth. However, I have hours of other training video along with literally hundreds of other files, that are not intended for general public viewing/downloading. All of this is uploaded to my site and sits outside of public_html. I make those files available to registered users through a cms. That allows me to maintain control of my own files, on my own server, and protect them from general public access.

    Uploading files to an external file host is fine for many people and many uses, but there are lots of very good reason for hosting files, large and small, on one’s own server.

    Is using something like not an option?

    Is using something like not an option?

    I suppose so…but the point is, there are some files that are very important to me and I want to maintain control of them on my own server. That’s just me…call me paranoid 🙂

    Well … I wouldn’t say it’s a question of being paranoid, but if you have limits on your storage and bandwidth it’s a definite consideration. I don’t see any concern about using an external server, though – everything is passworded and secure, and if someone doesn’t have the download link to a file or files they can’t get them. I have maybe a hundred quite large mp3 files parked on my service rather than using my webspace and bandwidth for people who want to download them.

    But that’s me … call me “thrifty”. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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