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Need Site Stats plugin

  • For the past couple of years, I had my site hosted at WordPress.com A couple of days ago, I moved Inspiration Point over to a private web hosting service (Blue Host).

    As I’m still using WordPress, I thought the stats for my site would continue to be collected. Instead,I only see stats for two days. Right now, I am using Jetpack.

    What’s a good plugin to use for site stats? I’d love to grab the old data that is available on my WordPress.com account. At least, I think it’s there. I do want the details about my visitors: Actual visitors, pageviews, referrals and etc..

    Since this forum is about plugins; I’ll expand my question to include this. Before I ask, here is a link to my site: http://inspiration-point.org

    I am moving my blog from a personal blog to a design that’s a little more professional. It was orginally intended to become a magazine. I do want to generate some income with this site. Hence, I need plugins that would help make my job a little easier. I like the Ultimate??? Editor I found. Any others?

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  • esmi


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    Were you using the same domain name on your wordpress.com site previously? If so, you may be able to ask the folks at wordpress.com to transfer your old stats over to the new site.

    Hi esmil,

    Yes, I am.



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    Then I’d suggest contacting support at wordpress.com and see if you can get your old stats transferred.

    🙂 Just went over to their Support forum and asked just that. Thanks for the tip.

    How about better stats plugins?

    Okay. Thanks to mac and time, my stats are fully transferred. 🙂

    Now, it time to play with plugins. What are some good plugins that can do a good job of interpreting my site stats?

    1. How many visitors and pageviews?
    2. Where did they come from? Us? Canada?
    3. Referral links Facebook? Twitter?

    All those fun stats that would give me a solid grasp of my site’s traffic.



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    Have you had a look at Jetpack? That’s the stats package that you will have used on your wordpress.com site.

    I did. I’m wanting more details. For some reason, it does not report the # of visitors. Just page views. I’m looking for plugins to enhance Jetpack’s Stats.



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    I don’t know of any Jetpack enhancement plugins myself but, alternatively, a lot of people use Google Analytics to monitor their site’s traffic. and donlt forget that your hosts may provide 1 or more stats analysis packages as oart of your hosting account.

    Hi esmi,

    I went to the cpanel for Blue Host. Yes, I’ve access to Awestats and Webalizer. Just had to enable them. I’m familiar with the earlier version. They should produce better details from 10 years ago.

    Thank for reminding me. I’ll have to wait a bit.

    OFF Topic:

    Theme Diva?? I just happen to be tweaking my blog’s current theme and give it a more professional look. Could you please look at it? I am concern about the background color coordinating nicely with the picture. Readability. I do have a font plugin. And placement of the widgets on the right side.

    In the near future, I am going to take advantage of AdSense and affilliate programs. I could use the inputs Thanks.



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    Personally, I don’t think the background blue colour works well with that header image. I’d suggest something in the brown/peach hues myself. Or perhaps sample that small piece of blue sky at the top of the header image, determine it’s hexadecimal code and use that shade of blue for the background.

    From a readability perspective, you could do with increasing your basic post font so that folks don’t have to strain to read your content. The custom font in your Recent Posts widget is nice. Perhaps you could replicate that in the widget headings? And tone the widget heading colours down a little so that they are not quite so stark on the white background.

    I used Gimp to get the hexadecimal code and the background looks nicer.

    I think I got the right size fonts for the content. I just did a check. One post has a good size of 16 but another one has a smaller size. The title for the Recent Post is good.

    As for the size, I don’t have the ability to resize it. I was looking for a theme that would work with the header and have a readable font face. I’m not totally stuck.

    I don’t have much; so I’m hunting for a good solid free one. I’ve been told that 2011 is too much the default blog theme. I’m looking to do a nice magazine that has encouraging stories. Yes, I do incorporate teachings and sometimes try to be subtle. 🙂

    Any other alternative?

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