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  • I’m looking for something to allow a client to process credit cards online. She has a merchant account and the gateway is set up.

    The thing is, there are no products, so it doesn’t look like any of these e-commerce plugins will work. She is a bail bondsman, so the payment amount is going to change from client to client. Also, some of them will be on payment plans.

    What I need is something where the payer can come and enter in their credit card info and then THEY choose how much they’re going to pay. And that’s that.

    Is there anything like this available? The gateway is NMI.

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  • Why not just use PayPal? If she has a PayPal account, you can pretty easily create buttons that allow them to pay with PayPal and specify the amount? No plugins needed.

    Because bail bonds are considered high risk transactions and therefore Paypal will not approve an account.

    I need a solution for credit cards.

    Bummer 🙁

    I was not aware of Paypal’s policy with regard to that.

    Which ecommerce plugins have you looked at so far?

    I installed Woocommerce, but it seems like I need to add a product for it to do anything and like I said, there are no products.

    I also looked at WP ecommerce, but the reviews were horrible.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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