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    Hi, i’m searching and trying for hours but i can’t seem to solve this myself, so i hope someone can help me because it should be really easy but still i can’t change it.

    I’m satisfyed with the shipping calculator in the cart, and all shows good, but once you proceed to checkout, i would like to show the shipping price instead of the shipping calculator there.

    Now it shows as:
    subtotal: $80
    shipping: shipping calculator
    total: $90

    and i want it to shown as:
    subtotal: $80
    shipping: $10
    total: $90

    I would be really grateful for the solution 🙂

    Greetings, Julien

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    Hi there,

    Would you mind elaborating a bit more on why you’d like that? The reason is that by the time the customer reaches the cart page, they’re not necessarily logged in.

    Since they’re not logged in, it’s impossible to say where they’re from – and since we don’t have their address, there are no shipping zones to match that shipping cost to.

    Of course, you could set “Default Customer Location” to “Shop base address” under WooCommerce > Settings > General and then make sure you have a shipping zone (and method) assigned to cater for the shop base address. That way, the default shipping on the cart page will be calculated for the shop base address (although it might change when the logged out customer gets to the checkout page).

    Hope it helps.

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    I think the shipping calculator on my theme is changed in the coding of the theme, because i searched since yesterday and it seems that my shipping calculator on my checkout page is totally different then how it should be.

    If you want you can take a look:

    On the cart it works really perfect, but once going to the checkouttt page the shipping calculator there also doesn’t work, and it looks confusing.

    As i said now you only see:
    shipping calculator

    So people just don;t see that shipping costs are 10 euro or 20 euro for germany and belgium, they only see the 10-20 euro price difference between subtotal and total not the visible price at shipping which you do see on the cart tho so i think something is wrong coded with my shipping calculator in the checkout page and the only thing i found in the coding is how to delete it but then there is an empty spot there so it just needs to show the shipping prices.

    Hope it’s not to confusing, i would really appreaciate if you could take a look and would be able to help me get this right..

    Thank you! Greetings julien

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    I solved it, i have to change few other things aswell but the biggest problem i hopefully solved in the coding, i will close this ticket now, thank you for your response earlier RK 🙂

    Greetings julien

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