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  • Yes I have the exact same problem. The instructions start with “You have to create a Facebook application” but the link redirects to the facebook developers homepage.

    I can not – anywhere in the developers area – find where to create an app.

    I think I just got it…at least I’ve got the app ID & secret, haven’t plugged it into WP yet so we’ll see on that. Try this site, follow the instructions:

    If I come up with any more direct instructions will post them here.

    Ok…more specifically you need to go here:
    You must be logged in under your personal TL, NOT as your biz page (at least that is what I found); if you have not already done so, you need to register as a developer. Then you can set up an app to link to this plug-in – click on Apps in the menu and it will basically walk you thru it. (If you’ve already registered just go to Apps and select Create New App in upper right.)

    To set up the App you need to give it a name, which is mainly for your reference; you do NOT need to fill out the Namespace field (although I did before I knew that; it doesn’t seem to hurt anything). Go thru the Captcha stuff.

    The next screen is a bit overwhelming but you only need to fill out one item for the purpose of this plug-in. Go to the section “Select How Your App Integrates with Facebook” and open up the “Website with Facebook Login” part (just click on the arrow). Put your website url in the field – be sure to include the http:// part. Save changes and you should be done on FB.

    Copy & paste the App ID & Secret into the plug-in in WP and follow the remainder of the directions there.

    Sorry to bore you guys that “know” all of this, but I didn’t and have literally been trying to get this plug-in to work since Christmas, so just wanted to share this. The primary issue is that the instructions for the plug-in don’t reflect the latest version of FB Developers area…hopefully that will be updated soon for others.

    OK so this all only seems to work for a personal account. I need this to work for my Facebook brand page.

    With my Facebook brand page there is no ‘personal’ account tied into to it, so I guess this plugin is not suitable in this instance.

    Thanks all the same.

    Well my experience with that was this: I migrated my personal FB TL to a biz page; things did not work correctly (I didn’t have search feature, couldn’t like any other pages, and more). So I wound up having to set up a new personal TL just to get my page to work, and it did, just like magic. It is my understanding that all FB pages must have an underlying personal account even if that personal account is not used for anything else. But I’ve never done a fan page so definitely can’t speak for that. Yep there are several good plug-ins for sharing especially auto posting, this one is the only one I found that gives one the option to post and re-post to FB from within the the WP post edit itself, and that was exactly what I wanted (and yes they post directly to my page NOT my personal TL).
    best of luck!

    Thank you so much slreagan for posting this…..I spent ALL day trying to figure out what to do here and I had got as far as fiddling with the Select How Your App Integrates with Facebook part but of course had NO CLUE what i was doing! lol. Thanks again for taking the time to help 🙂

    You’re welcome…been there believe me! 🙂

    I’m trying to set up the plug in and followed all of your instructions but it still isn’t working.

    I keep getting this error: Facebook returned an error: The site URL in your Facebook application settings does not match your wordpress blog URL. Please refer to the detailed setup instructions.
    [Error occured at line 558]

    I put my website URL in the line “Website with facebook login” and I am sure it is my wordpress URL. I don’t have anything in the “App Domain” line, could that possibly be my problem?


    Yes, I would try that…it’s been a while but as I remember you need to give the App a name.

    I keep getting the same error that msager1 gets. My “Application Secret” and my “Page or Profile ID” are both appearing in red text, leading me to believe something is wrong with them.

    What do I put in the App Domains section on the Facebook apps page? I had to select a hosting URL and it selected herokuapp for me. I have no idea what this means, but when I selected that it populated a bunch of other fields on the page with this content:

    Please help. Getting desperate. It’s for an impatient client.

    Hi-I’m not in any way a developer, so this really is out of my league. All I was doing above was posting some information as I’d had a really difficult time in figuring this out and just wanted to share it.

    What I will say is that url link you gave brings up a blank page (for me anyway). You might try re-setting the App Secret. Also make sure you have http://www. prefacing the actual website link in the field for Site URL in FB app. It may be a problem with the website itself and FB is not able to connect to it, that would cause an error on FB’s end.

    There are quite a number of good WP developers out there; this is who I used to help me through this as she knows both WP & FB:
    (hope it’s ok to give that information here…)

    Good luck!

    Thank you! Ended up not using this plugin. Too confusing. But thanks for your help!

    You’re welcome! 🙂

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