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  • YaBoyMartell


    lately every single time i copy a picture from another site to a post i create.. it shows up for about 3 hours then the picture on the post goes blank.. when i click on the picture the URL changes to something like “webkit-fake-url://31469EF2-F71A-49FB-BA15-9C2F523A8A5A/picturename.jpg”

    How do i fix or stop this??

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  • alism


    Hang on, let me get my serious face ready then.

    Ok. It’s ready.

    Does this help?



    not really lol

    Maybe you should try coming up with your own content and not take credit for others.



    Some hosts and many site owners actively try to stop hot-linking – which is what you’re doing by placing a link to an image on someone else’s site in your posts.

    Every time a visitor views your post, the image is downloaded from the other site – effectively using up their bandwidth. In some places, this is regarded as theft and steps are taken to stop it. It could well be that this is what is happening to you. Just be glad the site owner didn’t replace your ‘stolen’ image with something that was potentially embarrassing.

    There are plenty of royalty-free stock image sites out there. Try using them.



    You will also get the webkit-fake-url src if you paste an image from Mac’s ‘Pages’ into a wordpress page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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