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  • When creating a new post, is there a way to bring back the screen options at the top? Currently, if I create a post in Gutenberg, I have to save as draft, then edit in classic editor to access the field I need from screen options.

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  • Hi @techdex

    Which option are you specifically asking about?

    When I’m writing or editing a post in classic editor, at the top there are screen options where I can select the boxes I’d like to display/hide such as excerpts, trackbacks, comments, and so on. Layout options as well, additional settings.

    Some plugins have their box options in that drop down as well. Gutenberg does away with that. I really need that to be there still, please.



    Same here. Gutenberg is good and nice, but you can’t just go and remove functionality, guys.

    Woah were did the screen options go from post and page edit screens!?!!>!

    If I can’t hide extraneous meta from users, this tool which is supposed to make the editing experience easier has just made it WAY more cluttered and crazy.

    Going through and unhooking all the things is HEAPS more work, also screen options works so well to be able to turn things back on as required. To me its a core feature of WordPress Core… Please keep it!!!

    In the Gutenberg editor, are the options you’re looking for not found either at the bottom of the content or at the bottom of the settings panel (cog icon) under Document settings? In my tests, both classic editor panels and plugin panels (except for the custom fields panel) defaults to being show in Gutenberg in one of those places (and then you can rearrange them with drag and drop).

    Also noting that a modal equivalent of the screen options settings is being discussed in Github here.

    Screen option is available in the new update, it is in the option section, where you can hide the unwanted material.

    Hi there! Anyone know how to *set* options in the Gutenberg options modal by role / cap? For example, I want to be able to hide the sidebar panel for Page Attributes, so that users who do not have the appropriate cap / role, cannot change the parent of a page, or e.g. change the template.

    You could in “old” WP set the screen options upon admin page load!

    Thanks in advance

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    Custom fields option can’t be turned on for me… I click it on, but it immediately goes off for me. Am I missing something, some step?

    Hey, it’s gone again and I have a team of editors ticked off they can’t change the authors on posts. They NEED the options that came with the classic editor in the block editor.

    To be more specific, the option to change authors is gone from the options menu.

    We run a magazine and some posts are attributed to general content users. Our editors and contributors need to be able to change the author on posts so they aren’t logging in and out and switching accounts.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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