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  • Hello All,

    I recently started focusing on my site – and would like to know your reviews on it.

    Till now the reviews have been good and I would like to know the things I could add to better it or if there is any other thing I could do to draw in more traffic. I receive around 400 page views daily.

    Look forward to your replies,
    Many thanks,

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  • I’d start by getting rid of the ad that blocked my view of the page the first time I opened the site. Second, the subtitle at the top (“Where Everything Has Its Own Meaning!”) is awkwardly wrapping around the blog title, which looks unprofessional. Third, some of the ads in the sidebars are wider than the rest of the sidebar items, so they stick out as ads like a sore thumb. I’d start with those.

    Hey. Is Satire supposed to be misspelled?

    One problem I see is the news slider on the front page. If you wait a while and let some of the news slides shuffle through, you’ll notice that it changes div’s : “”. It will go to #&panel1-3 and so on. I pressed the back button, and it will go back to the last div instead of the last actual page I visited.

    May I suggest using a plugin like this to feature certain articles:

    Good luck.

    Hello Darthfluffy,

    Yes, it’s a popup ad page – something that I might change soon. We run the site through the ad revenues mostly, and so relevant ads are bound to be there. However, if it is distracting to the viewers, I might change it.

    For the second and third points – could you tell me the browser you are accessing from and whether from a tablet/desktop/mobile? Subtitle shouldn’t be wrapping around…


    Hello Geekly,

    The slider tell you the post in the order they were published – not in the order you visited them.

    And if you look a bit further, we write a new form of ‘Sattire’ – as is made known in the top tab of the site itself.


    hi soubhik,
    Your blog looks very good, an excellent theme selection, looks like a virtual magazine.

    Great content over all, nice work.

    Will only suggest one thing, get a logo on the top. It will help you in branding.

    also, if possible, drop the pop-up ad, it does not works anymore…


    Hi staytamed,

    Thank you for the feedback. I am just concerned about revenues – and that’s why the ads are there in the first place. It takes money to run a site like that.

    DO you know of other website and blogs where I can exchange my site’s links with?


    Soubhik, I’m using Firefox 21.0 on OS X 10.8.4. On further examination, the subtitle is wrapping based on how big my browser window is. I just had it at the worst possible width when I looked at it before. I’m guessing it looks fine at a standard width.

    For exchanging links, I would suggest sites that are similar to yours. What sites do you think are your competition? Get to know the site’s owners and maybe reach out to them about exchanging links or offering a guest post. A good site to learn more about making money through ads and exchanging links is:

    @geekly is right, problogger is one of the best places on the net to learn about monatizing a site.

    Popups and those distracting ads does not make anything. Work hard on your blog and generate more traffic, then try some of the other options like – reviews, adsense, private ads etc.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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