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  • Looking for feedback because I went from the world of the free blog to a self hosted site with a web designer. I’m not happy and things on the site don’t work.

    So I’m now going to make improvements and would love some tough reviews to collect ideas before we make changes.
    The purpose of the site & blog is:
    ~ Engage more readers & followers
    ~ Engage Editors to work with me
    ~ Online portfolio for my writing & photography (moving into video)

    Look forward to some feedback I can use to improve it.

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  • I would say you are doing well so far. My screen filled before the slider moved, and everything I clicked went somewhere. You are missing a space or two and have an extra “l” here: “…quit my day job to take a self-imposed sabatical.I’ve been travelling…”, and bold, all-upper-case titles tend to turn me away.

    The site looks so nice and its perfect. I just have a question. Did you use Genesis framework for making the theme? Or the theme is custom and designed by yourself?
    I have another idea too. I think the break you insert between every three posts which is starts by “In The Wonder is a storytelling…” is better to be removed or moved to another place.

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I used the Genesis theme. Then we made some changes to it. I like the theme over all, I just keeping making tweeks to try different things out.

    Thank you!

    one thing I’ve seen your type of nomad-travel sites do, is on the “bucketlist” page, they include a hyperlink on crossed-out items to a post about the list item. but looks like a great site!

    Chicagoranter, thank you so much for your suggestion. That’s just the kind of feedback I’m finding really helpful. I’m going to use that one and make that change. Great feedback!

    When I went to your gallery under photography, I was expecting to see, well, photographs. And, did not. Where are all your pictures?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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