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  • I’ve been looking for a certain kind of Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress, but I haven’t quite been able to find what I want.

    The Sound Republic Web site [] has exactly what I want. If you scroll down a bit on the home page, there is an Event Calendar on the right sidebar. If I click on any of the event dates (highlighted), it opens a popup window with a list of events for that day. The popup window with the list of events should also be customisable (I should be able to put my logo, etc. on it), as it is on that site.

    If you can create such a plugin, I’d be extremely grateful to you 🙂

    Note: The site mentioned above (The Sound Republic) is not made using WordPress, the calendar is made using a modified version of a free PHP script.

    not sure if a plugin is what would be needed to get this done but I would love to see this integrated to WP

    Something that cross-posts (rebloggs, backs up) posts from a hosted WP blog to a blog.

    A plugin for inserting adsense into parsed rss feed automatically would be great,

    there is a plugin for inserting adsense, but it works only when you write or paste an article into your blog.

    but when you have parsed rss feed on your blog, a plugin which can insert one or two adsense ad in a exact place ( maybe after x amount of charactars) in between your parsed article would be great.


    who’s your daddy? that would be a great plugin.

    let’s find if the page is a subpage and if so let’s return the parents ID, not just the title.

    and with that ID we can use via php to do what we wish.

    the only proplem i see is if you’re dealing with a whole bunch of subpages with a whole bunch of ancestors.

    my php knowledge is minimal and limited, otherwise i’d do it!

    think about it.

    I’ve been following this nice thread for a while. Great initiative, unfortunately it’s hard to know if anyone is planning on working on any of those ideas, nor which of the ideas would be the most popular.

    So I decided to create a system where you can provide your plugin ideas, and also rate other people’s ideas. It will take a bit ot time to have a good database of rated ideas, but that should motivate some coders to focus on the best ideas.
    Also, it is not possible here to discuss each idea separatley which makes that thread difficult to follow.
    I hope this can be helpfull, come on fill you request here:


    next time (digitalfrog) you send someone to a site of yours… please give advanced notice that the imagery may not be for work or public viewing.

    I think that is part of the “new rules” post

    Syncbox, you are absolutely right. All my other post include a NSFW or equivalent tag. I missed it this time, sorry for that.

    Da Frog

    I am quite a novice user, so I am not sure at all whether or not these things exist:

    – a nice editor for HTML/PHP that does all the bracket stuff for me
    – a method to search in PHP files for a certain string. Could be quite useful for debugging purposes.
    – Some nice tool for basic form handling based on SQLtables. Preferable linked functionality like master-detail relationships with decoding at the detail level. I used to be a 4GL developer in the past.

    I have spent quite some hours searching for PHP scripts, and are overwhelmed by the volume of what exists already. So maybe somebody can just help me where to search.



    Back in Ferbruary there was discussions about getting a “classifieds” or “events” plugin. Thus far, I have only found one such plugin, and it didn’t work (for me, at least). Anyone out there find such a thing? Thanks.



    I would like a plugin that makes we add certain IP:s in a list, and then let only those IP:s be able to see and read special posts.

    With this kind of plugin I would be able to share private posts to only my closest friends.



    VaamYob hasn’t been around in about 4 months. Not sure where he got to/what happened….

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