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  • Truth, are you being sarcastic ?

    If my site weren’t being DOS’d right now, I’d point you to the FAQ plugin that I wrote.

    Opps.. sorry VaamYob, I didn’t realise you wrote one already. I’m not being one here. Sorry about that =x

    No problem, I just couldn’t tell because you’d put the 🙂 after your post.

    FAQ Plugin


    I think what you’re wanting is more of a custom theme modification than plugin.

    Really? Drat. I don’t really know anything about plugins, but it just seemed logical to take the collapsible part and add it to the excerpt thing.

    Is there a plugin that allows wordpress to make true static .html files like MT? I’ve seen a few that do chaching tricks but none that create legit true my-post-topic-13423.html files so that I don’t have to use the large htaccess file and permalink option.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this.

    That sounds like an interesting plugin.
    If your goal is to be rid of the .htaccess file though, that may prove difficult, unless the static pages were in a directory outside of the wordpress directory.

    and not in

    If you still wanted the second url, you’d still have to keep atleast a minimal .htaccess file around.

    You’re also limited to themes and page content that have fully qualified links i.e. <img src=""/>

    and not src="images/header.jpg"

    well in regards to the fully qualified links, if someone were to just use to pull images from it would be normal and sound in the link syntax…

    I also agree that there would be ‘some’ htaccess file around but nothing near the size it is now and would not have to be used to display nice ‘static looking’ url output like now, as the pages would truely be static html… (fully qualified/absolute paths) would definitely be a requirement of this plugin.

    The more I think about this, the more I agree that it would be a beneficial plugin.

    Let me dig into it some more.

    Awesome thanks VaamYob,

    I was just out there digging a bit and have found nothing so far.

    I’m getting quotes on getting this done custom but if someone in here that is more familiar with the application could do it I’m thinking it’d be a much more solid plugin than having an outsourced coder do it that isn’t so familiar with the platform.


    I would love to see plugins to integrate various forums (punBB, SMF, etc…) and photoalbums. I know there are methods and HowTo’s out there for some of these but they can be a pain, don’t work for everyone.

    There are a few things I like:

    Preset Timestamps:
    I’d like the ability to preset some things in the write post page.. I’d like to be able to set the timestamp – This is because all stories are posted over the weekend and go live on monday with release of the new issue of the paper each week. I manually on every story have to set the timestamp for that monday.. I’d like to be able to set it once each week in an options screen and for it to pre-fill the information on all posts. This would save me so much time and must be relatively easy to implement. 🙂

    Quick Review/Publish Screen:
    I’d like an improved version of draft control – A list of posts where I can toggle tick boxes and change a large list of posts to published status.

    Custom Fields:
    I’d absolutely love a plug in which would let me run the loop based on the results of specific custom fields.. Ie: I could set a custom field to be posttype=headline or posttype=featured.. and the loop could run all posts with custom field posttype=headline and then run the loop again with custom field posttype=featured etc. etc.


    I like the idea for your Quick Review/Publish Screen. I personally don’t have a need for it, but I can see where it would come in handy. I’ll see about doing something like that next.

    Now however, I need testers to help with my static page/post plugin.

    I’m not running apache, so I don’t know if my .htaccess rewrite rules are going to work.

    To test, you need:
    1. Apache
    2. WP 2.x
    3. a backup of your .htaccess file or a test environment

    If you meet the above requirements and would like to help test my plugin that generates a TRULY static page from posts/pages, please download the plugin and have a go at it.

    To test, simply update a post/page, this will cause the plugin to store it off in (by default) the wp-content/static directory with the title as the file name.
    You then access that static file by navigating to

    Hi VaamYob,

    WOW that was fast. I will setup a fresh WP install this evening and test your plugin on it. Thanks for such a fast response to that suggestion earlier. I’m impressed.


    Oh, I did have one question for you VaamYob, did you take into consideration the possibility of someone using the same post title more than once, so that it checks and will number accordingly?

    ie; some-popular-topic1.html some-popular-topic2.html, etc etc…

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 102 total)
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