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  • Tina


    i am hoping someone here might be able to help me. i am the president and librarian of a small nonprofit that runs a lending library of educational resources. i want to have a searchable directory of the items in the library on our wordpress website, viewable to the public.

    for now i’m just using the included gallery feature…i don’t have much uploaded yet, but you can see how its looking here:

    i am quickly realizing this might not work for us since we do have a good number of items and growing all the time. does the gallery break into pages when the page gets too long? i can’t find anything anywhere that talks about this.

    i figured i would just do a separate gallery page for each category of item, but as of yet i don’t see that its searchable as-is. when using the search widget it appears to only search the posts? is that right? if i continued to use the gallery as-is i would need it to be able to search the photo descriptions and titles as that’s where i am putting the item descriptions. i want people to be able to quickly discover whether or not we carry an item they are specifically looking for.

    i am thinking there must be a better way to do this. preferably free as we currently have no income.

    what i need is to be able to catalog all the hundreds of items that we have in our library and expand as we go…with space for at least one picture per item and a way to enter info about the item and have all this info searchable (ideally).

    i also really need to be able to have categories/subcategories and tags would be wonderful as well. i suppose i could just do pages for this, and not worry about a plugin…but it seems like there must be an easier and more attractive way?

    is there a plugin that anyone would recommend for my purposes?

    thank you in advance!


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