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  • Hi all plugin devs. I have searched all over, but cannot find what I am looking for, so what would this cost me:

    I need a way to either
    A) assign pages to various and multiple categories or
    B) have a page have more than one parent (I have 2 parents, why can’t my pages?!)

    In either scenario I would need to be able to get a list of the pages (say in a sidebar) based on their category/parent affiliation.

    I would like it as a plugin rather than some sort of hack.

    The plugin should mod the “write page” interface so that I could assign the cats or multiple parent when writing the page. Is this possible? I am willing to pay you/donate to your favorite cause/ buy you something; and would like to donate the plugin back to the community. If anyone is interested in writing it, let me know here.

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  • I would like to request this too. I’ve been waiting for ages for a hack or a plugin that would do this. I’m sure there’s internal reasons for this, but it seems to me other people would want something similar…so why isn’t it available?!?

    I might look into this. It seems this request keeps popping up, enough so that I would think the WP devs already have something like this in the works. But who knows…

    – Sean

    What would be then the difference between a Page and a post? Just curious…

    Hi Moshu – for one, you can style pages using custom templates which you cannot do for posts. You can also make lists of pages into menus, and custom organize them in a variety of ways just by using the built-in WP parameters, not to mention the various page plugins out there. For one of my sites I am using WP as a simple content manager (The site has a blog front-end but lots of pages as well). The ability to have pages with multiple parents (or be categorized) would allow me to call the same page in a variety of menu configurations. Depending on what page was active. Say I have a page that is called “Home” and I want the page “Child” to show up as a menu item. I simply make a menu that shows the children of “Home”, right? But suppose that I want the page “Child” to also show up in a menu for a page called “Work”. It would be great if “Child” were a child of “Work” as well. Then I could use the same syntax to construct all of my menus. Page Categorization would work the same. I suppose that I COULD use individual posts and categories to do the same thing, but then my blogging categories would get full and confusing to other users that simply blog (this is also a multi-author site). By keeping posts and pages separate (although similar) I think it makes it easier for users.

    Thanks for the offer – I would greatly appreciate it. As I stated above, I am happy to pay for your work in any manner that you wish ( I see that you have paypal). You can contact me at:
    rusty dot smith at auburn dot edu.

    Thanks a lot!

    I’m just throwing in my vote for a plugin like this, too. If anyone creates one, thanks in advance!

    I was looking for the exact same plugin and found this: Page Category Organizer after several hours of hunting.

    It took a little while to decipher because it’s really quite flexible in what it can do. Tip: Read the readme file, it’s invaluable.

    I had to hack the output function in pageorgfunctions.php to get it to display in my sidebar properly, but other than that, it worked straight out of the box.

    Demo on my site

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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