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  • hello,

    let me start off by saying i’ve already tried searching the plug-in section and the codex for what i am looking for to no avail. that is why i am posting here.

    i am looking for a plug-in that, similar to the functionality in the wp to twitter plug-in, takes any blog post you publish and posts the title of the post, perhaps an excerpt, and a shortened url to it to your google+ account posts.

    here’s what i don’t want —

    • a plug-in that merely adds a google+ “+1” button anywhere in my blog posts or pages. i already have that through a hack i did on the jetpack/sharedadd plug-in. there are plenty of plug-ins like that already and it’s not what i’m looking for.
    • a plug-in that receives posts made in my google+ account and either posts them as regular blog posts in my blog or shows them in some widget stream. i have no need for such functionality.
    • a button that links people to my google+ account profile. i already have that using the subscribe / connect / follow widget plug-in as a widget in one of my sidebars.
    • a plug-in that allows people to log-in using their google+ account as an openid / oauth. i already have that in the wp google+ connect plug-in.

    none of those is what i need — i already have those functionalities. what i need is something like the wp to twitter plug-in, where every time i publish a post on the blog, it posts the title of the post/article, a shortened url to it, and perhaps even a brief excerpt from its beginning to my google+ posts. this is what i am seeking. i have done several searches here and have come up dry, but perhaps i am using the wrong search criteria.

    if it doesn’t exist, I’ll have to write it myself; however, i first wanted to ask here to see if anyone had already come across such a plug-in. thanks in advance.

    — faddah
    portland, oregon

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  • I’ve also been looking for precisely the same thing (and similarly, precisely NOT those things you’ve listed, of which there seem to be a multitude available). So far, i’ve not found it, but would love to hear if and when it comes into existence. Waiting eagerly (I, on the otherhand, do not have the capability to write it myself!)
    Good luck!

    The Google API doesn’t allow for this yet. As soon as it is available we will be adding it to our Google + plugin 🙂

    @raggedrobins – fer realz? would seem to me something simple that would automatically be in the api. there are share on google+ buttons and widgets in javascript & other web languages for all manner of adding into web pages, not being able to do a post in the same way automatically seems silly not be there. i’ll look at the Google API and see if i can figure a javascript way to do it for a plug-in. btw, @raggedrobins, which plug-in is yours? url, please, so i can check it out?

    Yeah, it seems odd but that’s the way it is. As far as I know there is a way involving storing your g+, details on your website but it’s not exactly secure.

    Here’s our g+ plugin :

    @raggedrobbins — tried installing your plug-in in my wp 3.3 blog to give it a spin. after trying to activate, now i can’t get back to my general installed plug-ins dashboard page in wp to turn it or anything else off. get:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class apiException in /home/one4zero/public_html/ on line 45

    … help, please?

    i ended up deleting your “google” folder from the plug-ins directory & everything came back. evidently, your plug-in doesn’t play nice with something in the API of WP Google+ Connect, or they don’t play nice with you. one or the other

    @Joe Siegler — which are you referring to? my original question about auto-posting to google+ on publish, or the fatal error when using both @raggedrobins google+ plug-in with the google connect plug-in already active?

    if the original question — that is still no-go, as @raggedrobins pointed out, the google+ api allows read-only, no writing from external sources, thus far, due to their security concerns. that is likely to change in the future, but not presently. we’ll see, and i’ll continue to search for a hack and post back here if i found it.

    if it’s the fatal crash with the plug-in conflict — yup, still happens. my only solution to get back where i had been was to delete @raggedrobins‘ google+ plug-in folder completely. @raggedrobins has not said if she has seen the same issue or if they are working on a fix for the conflict.

    hope this helps.

    @faddah, the fatal error question – the post immediately above my previous one.

    then you read my answer already. no fix for conflict with other google plug-ins for wordpress, like google connect, only solution is to delete it, no word from @raggedrobbins as to a fix with the conflict.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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