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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying (in vain) to set up my Photography Business online but am making very slow progress. I have a client I did a shoot of the other week and have 80 images for her to proof and see which she wants to buy. These are only digital files so I don’t yet need a shopping cart or printing facilities tagged on. I just want something simple like tick boxes under each image so she can let me know which image numbers she likes.

    I have just seen this add on in my search at :

    There are no comments on it and it costs $30. This is money I just don’t have at the moment as I have no income due to redundancy hence setting up my business finally. (Lifelong ambition having photography degree). I don’t want to spend money without knowing somethings right and would be annoyed if there was something better out there to help me.

    This is just to get me started and so any opinions on this add on in terms of its feature set or any other add on’s plug-in’s I could use?

    I’ve seen Smug Mug but as in the UK not much use and also I don’t have money to invest at the mo beyond what I’ve already done buying Elegant themes subscription for a year.

    I could upload my images to FLickr but then she would need an account and she is not very computer savvy. It needs to be a no brainer with password and ideally watermarking feature.

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  • Hi there,

    Any luck in finding a decent client proofer yet?

    Im still looking, cant seem to find anything!

    Chris :o( – My new plugin we released just this month specifically for photographers proofing and selling prints.

    Sadly – it is a bit pricey – but nice plugin!

    Pricey compared to what? It’s actually one of the cheapest options available for online proofing. Other hosted platforms charge upwards of 15% (Instaproofs) on every sale which adds up to well over our current price very quickly. Other WordPress options, like Proof Press, are $399 – more than us still.

    What do you think would be a fair price for a WordPress photo cart with all the features we have included?

    Sorry, but these forums aren’t the place for discussing commercial products – WordPress.ORG only supports/includes free, GPL licensed themes, plugins and WP Core.

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