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  1. theinvisiblecon
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    I need to speak with a person about an issue. I have recently switch over from blogger, so I'm new to wordpress. I have tried everything to get a new wordpress theme uploaded. Apparently, I don't have certain applications that I should. I need to speak to someone. This is basic stuff. Does anyone know a phone number that I can call? A corporate number will work too. I need to speak to physical person.

  2. Hello!

    This is the support forum for the free software version of WordPress, which anybody can download and use on their own websites. The forum is staffed by volunteers and other interested parties. So there is no phone number or corporate office, because this isn't a company. WordPress is free software, available to anybody.

    If you're talking about a problem with a site you setup on WordPress.com (note the "dot com" there, this is "dot org"), then you need to visit their forums at http://forums.wordpress.com instead.

    If you're not on dot com, and are having a problem with WordPress on your own site, then you can ask your questions here and perhaps get an answer, but there's really nobody you can speak to over the phone about it.

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