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Need option to limit user name length

  • WordPress really needs an option to limit the length of user names during the registration process.

    This should be a simple numeric field entry in the General Settings.

    The number of WordPress installations that use forums and allow other user comments is huge. Long user names always break the design layout of these sites.

    From the research I’ve done, I can tell you this is an issue that has some history, and has been sorely neglected by the dev team. This should be a core feature, not a plugin solution (not that there’s any plugins which address this issue).

    Thanks for considering implementing this feature in the next update to WordPress 🙂

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  • Thanks for the response.

    I’m sure those are great suggestions, but even with my “I’ll give it a go” code hacking attitude, that’s beyond my talent — and I’ll hazard to say that of most WordPress admins who need this feature.

    IF there was a plugin, and it was kept up-to-date, that would be great. But, I’ll stick with my suggestion that is should be a core feature solution.

    I hope others will agree 🙂

    If everything people wanted was put in core, core would be bloated beyond usability. Not to discount the need for some people, but not everyone does need it.

    I’d say themes should be built to gracefully handle longer names 😉

    I believe this particular area of the forums is for suggestions for features and improvements, right? So, a response like yours indicating that my suggestion qualifies as potential bloat is silly. I’d venture to guess that 99% of suggestions for features and improvements to the core are bloaty by nature. Of course, not all features are for everyone, that’s why many of these sorts of options in the settings are optional.

    We all know themes are not the answer.

    So, plugin or core? I’d be happy with a plugin – as I said. But, I really do believe this is a not too bloaty feature that many (many, many) admins would really appreciate and give back the love for. 🙂

    Oh well…
    I’ll keep hoping (and checking the plugins repository).


    Yes and no 🙂 There’s actually an idea’s forum here: http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/

    But the point is still valid. IF WP put in everything everyone wants, the app would be huge. The hard part of WP is to manage wants and needs, and balance the 80-20 rule. Do 80% of WP users need to manage username length?

    Of course, not all features are for everyone, that’s why many of these sorts of options in the settings are optional.

    One of the WP tenants is ‘Decisions, not options.’ Check out the WordPress Philosophy – http://wordpress.org/about/philosophy/ – It’s enlightening when you put that up against all the ‘wants’ of users 🙂

    And please keep in mind, NONE of what I said means this is a bad idea, or that it won’t happen, just that it has to be kept in perspective.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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