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  • Hi all,
    I am new to WordPress, I have to integrate a content publishing workflow to posts, pages and custom_post_types of WordPress. This work flow has three stages.

    • Staging
    • Send For Approval
    • Published

    We have two scenarios

    Workflow for New Content

    • If the Contributor adds new content with status “Staged” or “Send For Approval”
    • The Admin or editor can Publish or ask to re-write the content or delete content

    Workflow for Content That Already exists

    • Contributor is able to edit the content even if it is published
    • Contributor is able to set the new content status as “Staged” or “Send For Approval”
    • Contributor is able delete the new changes
    • The Admin or editor Publish new changes or ask to re-write the changes or delete changes
    • The main thing is, already published content should be accessible from front end regardless of new changes approved or not

    My Idea

    • Remove listing of All status in post screen
    • Provide list for other three status “Staged”, “Pending For Approval” and “Published”(default), may be “Request to re-write” too

    Workflow for New Content

    • New content will marked as “Staged” or “Pending For Approval”
    • Admin or editor can make it as “Publish”.

    Workflow for Content That Already exists

    • Make a copy of existing content while editing(only if it is already published)
    • Allow to make changes to copy and it can be set as “Staged” or “Pending For Approval”
    • Admin or editor can make it as “Publish”, then the old content will replaced with newly approved content(newly created post will remove).

    Kindly share your thoughts too.

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  • Did you check out Oasis Workflow plugin –

    I’m the author of Oasis Workflow plugin.
    It allows you to create your own worklfow using a visual editor. Currently Oasis Workflow supports the out of the box post statuses. But you can use the “custom status plugin” – to add the custom statuses described in your requirement, and those will become available in the workflow editor.

    Lastly, I’ll be adding support for published content workflow in the upcoming release of the “Pro” version.

    If you have any further questions you can send a query via –

    Hope this helps.

    Hi nuggetsol,

    Thank you, Oasis is a wonderful plugin and liked it the way you did. I have tried and pointed out some bugs some weeks ago. I think I have one scenario prevent me from using that, I am listing it below.

    • The contributes are always allowed to edit the posts even if it is published
    • And the changes publish only if the Admin or Editor approve the changes
    • The old published content should remain accessible to public while the new changes are going through approval process

    That’s exactly the feature I’m working on right now.

    If it goes as per plan, it should be out by the first week of feb.

    Hi nuggetsol,

    Yes, that will be a good move as most of the workflow plugin doesn’t have that feature, all the best.

    By the way it will be an encouragement(as I am a WordPress beginner) to me if comment about my plan.

    I like your plan, the only change I would make is to have a separate workflow (shorter workflow) for updating the published content.

    New content can go through multi-level review, while updates to published content may not require multi-level review.

    But, all in all, it should work as you have laid it out.

    I’ll also be adding some hooks to help plugin developers to add any content required when making a copy of published content.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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