• I installed the plugin, it’s difficult to understand.
    The classification codes [cybersoldier_player_page] and [player_page]
    do not work, “player does not exist” or the shortcode
    always appears on the screen.

    You cannot create battles on the front-end,
    you can only create battles through the back-end,
    so you have to grant permissions for the “cybersoldier” role
    so that users can enter the administration desk, impractical,
    I don’t like it.

    I strongly believe that you should develop a module that allows
    you to create and edit battles from the front-end.

    Finally, it would be necessary to be able to record audios
    and do the battles with voice, it is the essence of rap …
    In this way it is a competition of “poets” or “writers”.

    Still, the plugin is interesting to create a different page
    that promotes culture.

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