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  • jnati


    OK, this is a bit hard to describe, and the site has not officially launched, so I cannot link to it.


    – I have 4 installs of WordPress to allow 4 aspects of our company individualized applications of it.

    – I am running each of the installs as News pages via iframes on 4 separate php pages with all of my specific header and styling (context), and I won’t be linking my site to the root installs of WP. This was easier, and I had better control over how WP was styled.

    My Problem:

    – I wanted to run a loop on my index page, so that 4 snippets of news posts would always update on the index page, but if I do this, it’s calling them from the root install of WP, so if you clicked through them, it would direct you to my Root WP install that I’m not really making visible on my site (because it’s bare bones, and only styled on my .php pages as an iframe), right?

    *I could either just use 1 of the 4 different blogs to pull from for the front page, or 1 line of news from all 4 blogs. Doesn’t really matter.

    What I need:

    – I want to have have 4 recent posts appear within a table, div, or iframe (don’t really care) on my index to just give a brief taste of current news, but when you click on them, it directs you to my : page instead of my

    Sorry for the long and convoluted explanation, I’m curious to hear your feedback other than “Why don’t you just style your WP install to look like your site?” I would love to post a url, but I just can’t for security purposes.


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