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  • Hi,
    sorry for the bad subject but i wasn’t able to find something more representative. My problem is simple, but seems not so simple to fix. I’m not a PHP programmer so i can’t really make a plugin.

    Now all my post is viewable by any users, and it’s ok for me. Now I need to ask for registration when the ip is X to see the content.

    It’s because i want to block people at work to see my blog, but i still want to be able to use it at work. I can easily block the work ip, but in this way, even me cannot use it. So the idea i get is to force login to use the blog when the ip is the one of my office, and let all others users (like now) from other ip be able to see it without login.

    Someboday have an idea?

    Thx a lot
    Sorry for my poor english and if you want more explication, please let me know.

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  • You don’t necessarily need a plugin. You can use .htaccess if your server is Apache.

    Maybe i didn’t explain me well, but i know my english isn’t so good.

    I solwe the problem for banning an ip from vieweing my blog by using a plugin or using htaccess.

    But now, i want to ask user to sign in to view my blog if it come from an ip X and let all others users see my blog without having to sign in.

    I hope it was clearer 🙂

    Thx a lot for your help

    Well, you can still do that with .htpasswd. That should be covered in that article. I’ve never done it myself, but I know it can be done with those two files: .htaccess and .htpasswd.

    I go for a simple solution. I use the plugin register only that force anybody to log before see anything on the blog and i had a condition to do this only of selected ip.

    Thx a lot
    I’m leaving this topic

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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