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  1. tegyn
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    Hi everyone!
    I've just in the process of migrating my Joomla site to WordPress out of sheer frustration with the latter, so i'm quite new to WordPress.

    I need a solution for the following:

    I am an Outdoor Professional and it is an important part of my Professional Development to keep a detailed logbook of my outdoor experience. I have previously used a MS Access Database, XLS and various other half-hearted attempts at online versions.

    Does anyone know of a plugin out there, or could possibly point me in the direction of a method already programmed into WordPress, for achieving something like this Google Docs Spreadsheet , but with the following considerations:

    1. I want each column heading to be a searchable category/field
    2. I want a form which allows me to enter records from the front-end
    3. I want the DB to be searchable by heading/s (e.g. Date, Activity, Location) and keywords
    4. I would like, but don't require, the ability to restrict access to certain fields (e.g. display date, activity, location but restrict access to comments fields)
    5. I would like, but don't require, the ability to associate images with particular records
    6. I would like, but don't require, the ability to select what fields are displayed from the front end (e.g. check boxes to choose whether or not to display fields such as distance travelled, route name, etc.) so that I can easily print summaries

    and, finally, I would ideally like this information to be able to be output to a single file so i can migrate it to other platforms if ever I need to. That is, I don't want to create separate databases or tables for each activity or heading only to find that a year or two down the track (if I move away from WordPress as I have from Joomla) that I have to manually extract and compile the data in a single file - uncool!

    Many thanks in advance for any help, suggestions, comments etc.

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