• Hello,

    I purchased the pro version of your plugin, got an email, but no license key!? Here’s what the email says at the end:

    Total price: $24.95 Your purchase receipt ID: 49708 Your license key: Purchase date: January 19, 2015 Best regards, Branndon @ The Plugin Factory http://thepluginfactory.co

    There’s nothing after “Your license key”!?!?

    I’ve contacted you three times on your official PluginFactory forum since Jan 19th but haven’t gotten a reply yet so I’m hoping this will get results. I purchased your pro plugin and would appreciate being able to actually use it.

    Thank you,


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  • What do I have to do to get my license key? I purchased this software 10 days ago on Jan 19. I’m sure you have a record of my purchase but the receipt (see above) did not include the license key.

    I am trying to keep my cool, but this is completely ridiculous. A week and a half and zero response from customer support or the author. I honestly feel like you took my money and ran.


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