• I definately need this for all of my sites.
    Even, if I still have that annoying Welcome-to-Blockeditor-Popup every time. Basically this plugin is needed by everone, that cares about their data in a decent manner.
    Saving Block-Editor-settings in a Browser-Cookie just doesn’t work for people, that delete their session-data after each session or just use a different browser.
    Now I only have to close the pop-up and not go through even more clicking.
    I consider this plugins-functionality a basic feature which should be integrated to core as it mitigates a really horrible UX with Gutenberg.
    Thanks a lot!

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  • Plugin Author Marius L. J.


    Thank you for the feedback!

    This has actually come up a few times, and I initially expected this to be resolved by the block editor by now, as it has not, the plugin just received an update that does what you just described as well (it also changed names to indicate that it’s no longer just for fullscreen editing) 🙂

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