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  • Need is a free API key? Third party for a comments of my site?
    This is a storage for all of the emails of my visitors? Are you joking? )
    No, thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Postmatic


    Hi gri0,

    Is your review a reflection of how well our plugin does or does not do its job? Plugin developers and the larger WordPress community do not benefit from reviews (positive or negative) which only offer an opinion on the idea of the plugin. Please read this great article by Chris Lema on the subject of how to leave constructive plugin reviews.

    As to the points you raise:

    1. Yes, Postmatic requires a free api key so that we may post comments back to your site.
    2. No, this is not a third party commenting system. Postmatic is fully native. You can read more about our technology here.
    3. No, we do not store the emails of your visitors. You can read about our privacy policy here.
    4. No, we aren’t joking. Which might explain all of the other reviews.
    5. You are under no obligation to use our or any other plugin! But, we did make some fantastic technology which is available for free to the entire world. We’re doing our part to contribute to WordPress.

    I hope this response clarifies things for you. You can also find answers to many other questions on our site or by reading our documentation.


    First, full disclosure – I’ve been using Postmatic since February and have become a big fan of what they’re trying to do, and have written several posts about the product and future road path. That being said, this comment is in no way connected to the Postmatic team.

    @gri0 – Looks like Jason from Postmatic has already replied, and I think he covers it well. I would add that leaving a 1-star review for a product it appears you haven’t even used is fairly negative, and very unfair on the developer.

    If there are certain things you don’t like about the way something works, and that’s putting you off using it, simply don’t use it.

    To impact that developer’s reputation in the plug-in repository, though, with a “non-review”, makes plug-in use less likely for those that simply look at star ratings as opposed to the review itself.

    Which doesn’t really help anyone, sadly.

    @gri0 buddy that is the most unfair review any one can write, from the looks of it with out using it.

    Having been using it since march , with out any complaints, its one of the best newsletters with lot of features and best part is they strive to improve and take the suggestions of readers seriously and work on it.

    Yeah… if anyone is reading @gri0’s comment, you can safely ignore it. One of the best features of Postmatic is the ability for users to reply back to a comment by simply replying back to an email. This isn’t possible with WordPress unless they’re using an API key. An API key tells WordPress that you’ve authorized this use beforehand. It’s a uniquely generated key that tells WordPress that the program/app submitting it is legitimate. Without it, any hacker or spammer could use an email bot to post thousands of spam messages to your site.

    @gri0: Before you leave a 1-star review, you should look into what you’re complaining about. Needless fear-mongering only hurts the community as a whole. There’s no other way to do what Postmatic is doing and they’re doing everything above-board. Just because you can’t be bothered to know what you’re talking about doesn’t mean they deserve your lazy review.

    Plugin Author Postmatic


    Thanks, @dpkonofa, @iksa01, and @dannybrown. It means so much to have the support of you all. *Nothing* makes our day more than having our users sticking up for us! Much gratitude and thanks.


    Luckily I always read the negative review first and the developer’s response.. I think its high time WordPress start doing something about members like @gri0.

    Hint “remove the negatives reviews when users stick up for the developer” or “Ban the member for biased reviews”

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