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  • I have a large pic at the top of my site on each page. When clicking on a button under the pic to go to another page it appears nothing happens. Although the page has changed it does not appear so. I would like customers to be able to click on a page button and it takes them to a lower point on each page in lieu of seeing the same thing. I installed an anchor button on a page exactly how the instructions indicated but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know of a simple solution so that my customers know they have went to a new page. I’ve also reduced the size of the pic so that at least they see the new pages title but I know there must be a better way….please help. thanks, Russ

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    One suggestion would be to have the large picture on the home page only and then smaller or no picture at all on the inside pages. But if the image is important, then maybe the button is ok.

    Can you please provide a link to your site so we can see what it’s doing?

    Hi Christine, I have found out from the anchor developer that it will not scroll down from one page to the next. I don’t mind making the inside page pics being smaller but I’m hoping to not have to do that. the site is Thanks for your help. Russ

    Christine, Do you know how to reduce the blank space area between the bottom of where my category buttons are and the title of each page? OR, do you have any idea how I can make the area below my title page show up (be viewable) easier by the customer? thanks, Russ

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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