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  • Hi everyone–

    So I’m going to set up a wordpress to act as a cms for a single-topic driven website. I will need to have a searchable database of references/bibliographies as well as a searchable list of posts

    These two are obviously different– the posts are in post format while the biblio list resource is pretty straightforward (names, dates, authors, year of pub etc. and a link to this if possible or atleast a link to the worldcat listing of the book) —

    Should I just treat these biblio entries as posts and give them their own category? or is there a plugin that would allow something like this?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated and I apologize if this is confusing as hell.

    Thanks in advance

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  • If you are questioning how, probably should use something other than WordPress.

    Sorry in a bad mood for moderators deleting related posts, and then just saying it is unrelated. The price you pay for using someone else’s forum to try to discuss things.

    What you need to do is wait a little longer for 3.0 or use the alpha code if you can.

    Then use the plugin CMS Press for custom post types

    No prob

    CMS Press sounds like what I’m searching for — Is 3.0 going to get into this kind of stuff?

    Not in a user interface sense, you must still rely on Plugins for that. Which is what I believe is the right way to do this. I am actually very happy in that this was decided upon.

    What 3.0 makes available is registering and unregistering post types dynamically. That should be enough, because this functionality is so open-ended there shouldn’t be a default way to implement this in the user interface… yet…

    CMS Press in my opinion looks promising in how it has implemented an interface. The author(s) have done a very good job in taking permalinks into account, and uses the WordPress CSS classes available for that interface.

    Forgot to mention. There may be a release that is better than others for CMS Press. They are trying to make it backwards compatible with the 2.9 branch. This may or may not be a lost cause but I am following the progress as much as I can.

    I have tested it with 3.0 and it works exactly as expected because there are a lot less hacks required to make something like this possible in previous branches. This is the reason I would wait a little bit if you can’t just get the alpha code yourself.

    If you absolutely can’t wait, then get in touch with the appropriate people to see what the upgrade support plans are from 2.9.* to 3.0 when it happens. I have taken a quick look at the code myself and I am still unsure, so I guess this is where my advice ends 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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