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  1. swcomm
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    I am not a coding wiz, but have been using WordPress for a number of sites for about a year, and this is the first thing I've come across that has me stumped. I have a site with a CGI script that searches a CSV database file. The search form in WordPress has no problems conducting the search; the problem is the search results page. The script points to, and presents the results in a static html page, which contains template tags that display the results. The script can't use anything but a static html page -- needs to have a .htm or .html extension.

    I've used iframes to contain data from CGI scripts on WordPress pages with great results, but this time that won't work, because I have a completely variable query coming from the user's search. So anybody have any ideas how I can create a WordPress page that perhaps turns into html on the fly or something? Site is on a windows server, so I don't have .htaccess or the rewrite mods I've seen referenced a number of times here. Have looked into Super Cache, but frankly, I haven't been able to get that to work right on Windows, and I'm not even sure that will give me a file I can call with an html extension.

    Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks much.

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