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  1. jhmilcom
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I have moved content from an old WP blog to a new one that already exists--both created by a previous blog manager within the company. The situation I'm running into is that the old and new blogs have different URL structures, and I'm having problems finding the answer on how to correctly add the proper 301 redirect to my old blog's htaccess file so that it redirects to the new site with the different URL structure including the addition of ".html".

    Here's how the URL structures are for posts on both blogs:



    The new blog URL structure doesn't have the day, and the post title is followed by .html

    So, I want my htaccess file to redirect requests for posts on the old blog URL to the posts on the newer blog, and all other requests on the old blog should just redirect to newblog.com

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