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  • In between my blogroll and comments list,, I want to put a news “roll” so to speak. Like a plugin similar to a poll plugin, where I can enter the news link and title, and it will show up on in the sidebar…and there would be like a News Archive…anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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  • I am not using a widget ready theme, so keep that in mind…i basically want something that will let me post links on the sidebar, and once it gets to a certain amount, the old ones go to an archive…


    Anyone, please help…?

    C’mon, theres gotta be someone who knows how to do this….

    I am a newb and need help. Please please please.

    I am using a non widget theme….I want to post a News thing in my sidebar…and I want is for it to look like this…

    Current News

    Sample News Item

    Sample News Item

    And then as i post more than a certain number, lets say 5, then rest get stored in a news archive page.


    No one knows how to do this? <bump>

    First I’ve seen of this thread. Where are you getting this news from? Is this going to be something that you type up or automatted?

    Hi dr. Mike, it would be news stories that I get from websites around the internet. I am doing a site related to Howard Stern, so if has a news item about him, I want to it to be like

    Howard Stern Is On Sirius – 3/20/07
    Howard Is Still On Sirius – 3/21/07
    Howard And Beth Engaged – 3/21/07

    Something like that, I kind of found something that I turned into this, its a recent links plugin, but I still would like to find something better.

    I’m thinking it’s more like a sidebar’d post category.
    Define a category where you’ll post these news into. In the sidebar, add the tag to display posts from a particular category (I don’t remember what it is, but there IS one) then set it to display only 5 items. I believe you can do this by adding some parameters in the tag. Create a custom page like by copying your theme’s archive page then configure it to display only posts from that category.
    Well, I hope you get the picture. 🙂


    This sounds great! Only problem is, I would never be able to do this without a little bit more help. Do you mind going into further detail for me please.


    Ok, this is what I’ve came up with. I haven’t tested it, though. ^^
    Copy this in your sidebar where you want your news to appear:

    <?php get_links('X','<li>','</li>','',FALSE,'id','FALSE',5,TRUE); ?>

    Replace X with the id your category refers to.
    Try it out and post the result.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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