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  • Hi All-

    I have jsut gotten started using wordpress in the last month or two. I really love it and things seem to be working great for my niche website.

    I am trying to figure out one problem that is frustrating me though and I can not seem to get anything to work or don;t know where to start. I am using the Connections 1.0 by Patricia Muller which I have modified a bit. Not much yet hope to d some mor soon. I like the way it looks and the site is about 90% of what I want.

    So here is teh problem the site seems to revert back to the standard wordpress theme every so often. When I go to check my site typically two or three times a day to post something or whatever the stadard blue theme is back up. I login in and change back to the conenctions etc. Then when I come back again it has often switched back to the blue theme. How can I get the Connections 1.0 theme to “stick” and stay as the default theme?

    You can view the site at


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  • I am seeing it now in modified connections theme. let me check back later.

    by the way. do you have any ‘theme switcher’ plugin activated ?

    Yhea right before I posted I switched back to the connections theme. I am sure it will flip back in a few hours or by tomrrow sometime.

    I do not have a ‘theme switcher’ plugin activated. I only have one plugin on the site and that is “Pages+”.

    I too am having this problem! A few days ago I installed v2.0.2 as a fresh install with a account and began experimenting with things. I switched to a template called Greenery 1.0 When I check back after a few hours, it has reverted to the default blue/white theme. Has anyone figured out what is happening?

    Also, I have not installed or activated ANY plugins. I just manually uploaded, configured and then added the template. This is terribly annoying…

    I have this problem too.
    I created a new theme from the Kubrick default theme in WP 2.0. It’s working all fine, but when I check back a few days later, my theme is reset to the default (Kubrick).
    What can I do about this? I don’t know where to start…

    Update: Sorry it seems that my hosting provider did some pretty fucked up backuping…:s

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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