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  • Hi there,
    I’m transferring my old wordpress site to a new host. So I backed up the files and mysql database on my computer.
    I’ve installed a new wordpress site to my new host. It’s fresh, working fine and no problem. After that, I imported the backup mysql database thru the myphp admin. To my surprise, when I now type the domain, the wordpress site doesn’t appear, it actually redirects to another domain of mine.

    I’ve checked my cpanel to see if the domain is set to redirect but it’s not. Neither the domain name is forwarded to this site where it redirects. Is there any file/database in my wordpress admin that i need to change to change the redirection?


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  • Is the url under “settings” and (I believe) “general” correct? Perhaps that information gets imported too.

    This kinda happens to me too. I created a new fresh wordpress folder, then modified the config file to use my other wordpress database. When I go to the new subfolder now (from the browser), it keeps directing me back to the old one.

    this is happening to me too. Did anyone find a solution for this??

    -=- christopher

    Check up your work with Codex article – Moving WordPress. Good luck.

    I am not sure if this is the same problem, but I setup a new wordpress site on a new domain name. It was all set up before the DNS was set up in the hosting. I spoke to support at my hosting company and they said that wordpress was setup to my ip address not my domain name. He said i had to reinstall wordpress. Is there any way I can just change the settings in the file?

    Does the old host still run your WP blog? If it does, you can be redirected to the old host because you are using the same database after a move. To my knowledge, if you delete your WP blog including the database at your old host, you will no longer get redirected. It happened to me, too, after a move. And redirection stopped after trashing the database at the old host. How does that happen… I’m not 100% sure. So I won’t say it.

    I’m getting a similar problem to Nalaimo rather than the original problem.

    I set up a new wp blog on a new domain last week. I have since found that one of my other blogs on a different domain is now redirecting to the new domain. I haven’t reused any settings (eg. the config file or .htaccess) or touched any settings recently on the older blog.

    My hosting support has said that the blog URL for the older site is probably pointing to the new site. Since I can’t log in to WordPress to change it because of that, I probably need to log in to your MySQL process via phpMyAdmin, look around in the relevant database, find the entry for your blog URL and manually change it for the old site.

    I’m really confused how this would have happened, but of course how I can fix it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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