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  • I have been on this for almost two months now. I have gone through countless apps, extensions, and widgets on WordPress, nothing works.

    I need a customizable drop down menu so that my customer can set up their prescription for their eyes: two drop down menus, one for right eye and one for left eye. I don’t have any coding knowledge, but I feel that is the only option at this point. If anyone knows of any solutions or a site I can find someone who knows php or html then please let me know.

    There would be two menus, one that’s for Right Eye and one for Left Eye. You lick on the arrow pointing down button and it would give you a list to choose from:

    -5.0 to +6.25 going by increments of .25

    you select an option in both menus so you would have your prescription for the lens you are buying.

    Example: Right Eye -3.50 Left Eye -2.25

    Then you click check out and it goes to paypal and my client is sent the prescription and order.

    Paypal has options, but only 10 options for a store, the there are 44 options for each eye: -5.0 to +6.25

    The plugin I’m using lets you use variations and input options like these, but if I put all of the numbers in as options the plugin has a problem and combines all of the numbers into over 500 combinations and won’t appear on my site.

    WP e-Commerce is the best solution I’ve found so far, but the variations won’t work.

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  • I hope this is the right place for this, I can’t figure out how to make it work, is there an html script I could put on the page? Is there a better plugin that will work? I’ve looked and looked, please help.

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