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  • Hi..
    I am totally new at managing a website and would appreciate help in setting things up.

    I just recently bought a website with a WordPress Skywave Theme.
    I am trying to change the Text in the header, but just can’t seem to find anywhere to do it, or how to do it..

    Thanks in advance for your help..

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  • Can anybody help..??

    Is anybody familiar with Skywave theme ?

    Can you link us to your site? What does that text currently say? If it’s your site title and tagline, you can find that by going to your dashboard and navigating to settings –> general.

    Hi Mel…
    Thanks for replying..
    Yes ..I tried going to settings>general and changed the title and tagline and saved changes, but it doesnt change on my site..

    The site title is Acoustic Guitar Lesson, which I want to change
    The site Tagline is “Get Steps in learning acoustic guitar” which I want to change…

    The site is……

    Thanks for your help

    Is this the text you’re looking to change? Right now, that whole banner is an image. Was it something you created, or something someone else created for you? If it’s something you created, you’ll need to edit your original file to change the text, then reupload the header.jpg image. You might have a theme option available that lets you change that image — I’m not familiar with Skywave. If not, you’ll need to manually upload it to your site and replace the current header.jpg image that’s already there.

    Thanks Mel…It is something someone else created..Does this mean I cant do anything with it..
    Im new at this, so im not very well versed in anything..
    I do have different theme options, but if I choose a different theme does that mean the whole website will be different..

    And yes, that is the image I’m looking to change

    Sorry — I meant that some themes come with specific options for that theme, like customizing uploading your own logo or header image.

    Since it’s an image someone else created, it might be best to contact them and see if that have the original file used to create your header image. You might be able to edit that jpg in something like Photoshop to try and put in a new tagline, but unless you’re really good at image editing it’s not going to come out looking like it currently does.

    OK …Thanks for everything…

    It seems I have a lot of learning ahead of me..

    Appreciate your replies

    You’re welcome & good luck moving forward!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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