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  • I recently had to move servers, because my previous hosting company’s quality has dwindled. And someone gave me some server space until I can get find a new hosting company. So, I uploaded my wordpress and restored my database and everything is the way it should be, except two things. One, the permalinks don’t work. And two, I get some error at the top of the page. Here’s the link..

    anyone know how to fix it?

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  • Perhaps the top error is related to a PHP4/PHP5 issue (old host defaulted to PHP5, and new host to PHP4). I don’t recognize the error, but this is the first thing that comes to mind. If so, there is a directive that can be placed in .htaccess that will instruct apache to use PHP5. First, try to determine if the default PHP version changed w/ new hosting company.

    The permalinks not working is also prob a .htaccess issue. For a quick fix, change your permalink settings in your admin panel to the default (not fancy), and investigate your .htaccess settings.

    I have PHP5 Installed on the new host. I believe old host was also PHP5 as well, I’m not sure.

    And as for the .htaccess I can’t figure that out.

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    The error looks like some kind of problem with your theme. Somewhere, something is making some kind of reference to “header_style” in either an add_action or add_filter. The problem is that the “header_style” function does not exist, so you get that error.

    Look through your theme’s functions.php file for “header_style”.

    Okay, that can be fixed easily. What about the permalink problem? The host I’m on now, is a Windows server with Helm (sucks.. and I DO NOT recommend ever), is not Apache, and does not allow file permission changing on ftp. So, obviously I can’t change the permalinks and WordPress regenerate the htaccess file. Is there any way to write it manually? If that’s even the problem.

    Using_Permalinks – the “nice” ones don’t work on Win. Read about the “almost nice”.

    Figures. I HATE Windows servers. Luckily I’m not staying on this host for long, it’s just a temp solution til I can find a good host with Linux/cPanel.

    Thanks.. I might just use default permalink settings, or just keep it down til I can get a better host.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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