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  • Hi!
    I made this website that depaginates wordpress plugin forums for easier searching.
    I have tried to promote it everywhere, even in AdWords for more than 2 dollars a click. Still no one clicks and no one visits. I am also affraid that this topic here will be deleted.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is the english description of the site hard to understand?
    this is not an advertising but a cry for help.

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  • L believe you are very close to violating trademarks.

    Are you sure AdWords is displying your advertisement? What position are you in?

    Also what kind of keywords are you targeting? If people are searching for help with WordPress, they are probably going to visit a WordPress forum?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    I’ve moved this to “Miscellaneous” as this really is not a “Your WordPress” topic.

    I have tried to promote it everywhere, even in AdWords for more than 2 dollars a click. Still no one clicks and no one visits. I am also affraid that this topic here will be deleted.

    That’s not really a WordPress topic and I’m unclear what you expect from these support forums. If you are having an Adwords problem then perhaps you’d like to post to an Adword forum?

    *Looks at site and reads*

    Your site is… something odd. To be honest I’m a bit uncomfortable with the idea and something about that site is being blocked at my work in ways that makes it seem like it’s not loading.

    I’m not a trademark person but that domain does make me uncomfortable and I can’t quite articulate why I dislike it.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Didn’t you only create it like 6 days ago?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    If you need SEO advice Google’s forums might be better:



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    I’m a trademark person! 🙂

    The trademark policies all focus on the idea of preventing a site/person/company from confusing users about what resources are official or not, and/or profiting from the use of the trademark. While the domain name doesn’t use the WordPress in it, it does seem pretty line-skirting… using an official resource like this forum to tell people to go view the forums list on your personal site instead isn’t so much a service as a misdirection.

    If you think it would be better to show support forum links in one list rather than paginated, the best route would be to suggest this as an improvement to the official site. It’s a good idea to add a “view all threads” link or something to make it pop the full list. I’ll pass the idea along to the team that handles this kind of thing.

    Note that the trademark — both the word WordPress and the W logo — are not allowed to be used in and advertising per the trademark policy.

    Is this turning into a trademark discussion or is it about advertising. The domain doesn’t confuse me in the least. It’s obviously not WordPress and it doesn’t give anyone the impression that it is sanctioned by the foundation. But that’s only my opinion, which has been on the other side from the accepted opinions of WP Core developers before. lol That’s no problem to me.

    EDIT – On second look, I disagree with my first paragraph.. maybe old age is setting in.. the site does actually give the impression that it could be something created by a core developer to help make things easier and it does tell someone to go to WordPress and change the link to the site being used. Which will change the formatting of content. I would have to agree with Jan, it is disturbing.. My apologies for the first paragraph.. There is no clear statement that the site is not in any way a part of And that would be an issue that might be a challenged practice. Because it can be interpreted as being something offered by WordPress and supported by WordPress.

    What I would like to see is more discussion about the trademark of WordPress. The “W” is used in advertising all across the internet, and it hasn’t been challenged. That disturbs me when I see someone say on a forum thread that it isn’t allowed, but WP doesn’t do anything about it.

    This thread, on the other hand is using WordPress to attempt to advertise (in a cleaver way) both the service and the website. I don’t think this topic belongs on WordPress anything, anywhere. Again, just my opinion.. FWIW

    Hi! Thank you for feedback. I tried to remove wordpress logos and other stuff. I will also insert a disclaimer. I mean no harm, just made a tool for me and others that expires the moment wordpress puts things straight not being able to search in 160 pages of topics, mostly duplicates.

    I kept formating because it feels easier to see the things in the same way.

    The domain name is similar because I wanted something easy to remember and change in the adress bar. No evil intentions. was taken and I coudn’t find anything else.

    Thanks a lot for your input, many unexpected. I really need to know if you understood what this tool does and if I can make it simpler to understand.

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