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    I’m sorry, I can’t see the problem in Firefox v1.0.7. Which browser are you using?

    This problem is only happening in IE. Usually it happens when something (either in the sidebars or content) is too wide.

    I suspect your comment form. Since the form is using a percentage width, IE sometimes has trouble determining the width of the bounding object before determining the percent.

    Try adding this line to your css:

    #commentform textarea {
    width: 400px;

    Yes! that fixed it, yes it was probably only an ie thing. Thanks a lot.

    On a side note what how would I also limit the responses to 400px, right now they bleed into the sidebar.

    You could try setting a width to #commentlist

    Or adding overflow: hidden to either #commentlist or .narrowcolumn

    Sorry can you be more specific this is very frustrating. Adding overflow: hidden did nothing to both .narrowcolumns. I have 4 .commentlist so I tried setting the width in each one to see if that worked and it didnt, doing .commentlist p {
    width: 375px; }
    worked but it only resized the first comment, everything under first one is unchanged.

    Hrm well I figured out why but im still wondering if there a fix , in testing the width i was just typing like one letter with no spaces ( like pppppppppppppp etc for 3 lines) and this made it bleed into the sidebar, typing several normal sentances it fit fine, even though no ones gona type 150+ consecutive letters it shouldnt do that.

    this is a test to see if it does it here, and it doesnt, so what does wordpress response have that I don’t. forums use overflow: hidden

    Basically, if you have a width set on an object, and text or images get wider than that object, it’ll hide anything that overflows ouside the boundary of that object.

    Can you possible tell me where to insert overflow: hidden ive tried it in .narrowcolomn and all the .commentlist and it hasnt worked.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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