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    A few questions.

    1. My site always shows a right menu with items “Recent Posts” “Archived Items” and especially “Meta”. Will that be gone if I go public with my site (right now it redirects to the legacy site)? If not, how do I get rid of that?

    2. My home page is actually a post. I tried to find a way to change this in the twentyten options, without success so far. I’d like to make it a hybrid showing fixed content on the top and posts under that. Is that possible under twentyten and how do I go about it?

    3. The header image is surrounded by a black border. Now, I searched through header.php but haven’t been able to locate “#000000. How can I change that?

    4. Along with changing the header color I will have to change the top menu font color. How do I do this?


    Brussels non-profit organisation

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  • First, tweaking twentyten is a bad idea, and a waste of effort. You will LOSE your changes. twentyten gets overwritten on every WP upgrade

    So, that being said, make a simple child theme based on twentyten
    child themes are safe from being over written

    1. Those are the default widgets. If you put new widgets in your sidebar from appearance->widgets menu, they will go away.

    2. Your home page defaults to a list of your posts. If you want static content, that can be set up from settings->reading and you can pick a page to be your front page. If you want a combination of static content and posts you will need to do some editing in a child theme after you decide how you want it to work exactly.

    You can either add sme static content to the loop.php with a conditional statement to only call the static content on the fron page. Or you can make a page template with custom queries to show some page content and some post content.

    3. All your styling, and most theme’s styling is done in style.css. You look at header.php to find the css selector, and then edit style.css for that appropriate selector

    4. Fonts also in style.css

    So, I’d recommend learning how to make a child theme, and getting your basic css edits done, then decide just how you want your content displayed…. come back and ask that question. No need to dump too much on you at once. The custom content display thing isn’t too hard, but it’s a bit of custom coding you will learn

    Basics first eh?

    I understand better what to expect and not to expect from Twentyten, which saved me some future swearing. I think I can manage to make a child theme and I like the idea.

    Thanks for answering all of my questions. Even though I feel a little overwhelmed it all looks doable.

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