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  • Hello,

    We are currently doing a proof of concept (as we are relatively new to WP) wherein, based on the value chosen in a screen (say Employee ID from Employee list screen), the control redirects to a new screen and employee’s relevant details (Text content like Highlights, Brief Profile, Media like Images, Videos, Friends List etc) has to be displayed.

    Employee list screen (as stated above) has many Employees displayed with their respective image, Name, Department etc…

    Typically in a web app, we pass EmpID as a parameter to the target screen and we retrieve all the details from the database and display accordingly.

    While searching through plugins and themes in WP, we couldn’t hit upon any that facilitates it. Can you please suggest how to go about it?

    We experimented using WooCommerce and Mystile, and something similar can be accomplished but may need good amount of tweaking.

    What is the recommendation?


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  • You might want to check out the Pods plugin? It allows you to to define and display your own data types. It’s also very well documented and supported.

    Hi Mina,

    Thank you so much. While I downloaded the zip file and imported, it says styles.css file is missing. Am I missing any step?


    Hi Mina,

    What I am really looking for is like a template where values get auto populated based on the KeyValue chosen in the previous page (From my above post EmpID is chosen in Parent Page and all the dependent values are populated automatically in child page).

    Thanks again.


    Hi Kiran,

    I’ve never found the missing styles.css file issue before. Also, I wouldn’t normally download a plugin and install it from zip. I’d just install it from WordPress Admin (Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > search > etc).

    It would be difficult for me to help you work out what’s causing the missing styles.css file, as you’ve said “it says…”, without making it clear what “it” is. Sorry if that sounds pedantic, but it’s really only possible to help if you can write out a list of the steps you’ve taken, and been as specific as possible about where error messages are being shown. That would allow someone here to try to reproduce the problem and help you.

    The solution that you’re looking for sounds complex and specific to you. I don’t have enough time to find out your needs and specify a solution for you. I’ve built several WordPress sites that function like databases, and I think Pods can work very well for this.

    However, Pods is not a simple plugin. It is very powerful and flexible, but there’s a learning curve you’ll need to climb. I think my suggestion, if you have time, and if you can get Pods installed without errors, would be to take a week or two to learn to build some things with Pods in your spare time, and that will help you evaluate whether it could be an option for you.

    But I wouldn’t have recommended you go to that effort if I didn’t think there was a reasonable chance it could work out for you.

    Your requirement seems to be:

    1. Enter information on a page
    2. Send that information to another page when you click “Submit”
    3. Have the second page use that information to query the database and return matching results

    If you have a look at this page on a site I built last year, it does exactly this using Pods to build the data structure (the fields of information that is stored for each Teacher), and to build the query form:

    It’s essentially a simple search engine. But I could just as easily have had the system look up a Teacher according to an ID, or postcode – producing just one result.

    It wasn’t quick or easy to build that. You’ll either need some PHP experience to use the Pods API to include form fields on the front end (their documentation is very good and helpful with this). I’m a bit mediocre with PHP, but got lots of help from Pods’ Slack channel, where folks are very friendly and inclusive. If writing PHP is not appealing, then you’ll find add-ons for Pods that help you build on top of Pods without coding:

    Does this help at all?

    Best wishes,

    Actually, re-reading your original post, I think you might not even need the search form. If you just want to list employee names, and then click on any name to view the employee details, than that’s almost the easiest use-case with Pods.

    You’d create a post type (a “Pod”) ’employee’ to hold the information, then you create a ‘view’ with Pods to display as list of all employee, with their names as clickable links.

    So, yeah, still a little learning curve for you, but you can do this kind of thing with Pods without needing to write any PHP. You’ll just need to dip into their documentation for help with views, templates, shortcodes, and field variables.

    Hi Mina,

    Thank you so much for the detailed response. My bad – instead of doing Upload Plugin, without realising, I tried doing upload in theme section. My sincere apologies for the confusion. Plugin installed without any issues.

    Yes, post looking into the plug-in, I did sense that there is a learning curve. I have read through some documentation and went through couple of videos on youtube. But guess it requires practice.

    Will review the site details you’ve shared as well.

    Thank you for helping.


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