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  • Ive tried to get my word press implemented into my site, but I have been unsuccessful at applying the loop. I just need it done. Basically, I want my blog(comments box) to fit in my shell, without any thing else. Here is a sample of how I would like my page to look.

    If you have a wishlist, I can purchase something for you if you think its worth it. Please respond soon if you can help. Thanks a mil.

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  • I’m not the biggest fan of the loop – I think the loop needs to be rethought for us not so tech/brain savvy. Other systems use tags in order to surmise a requirement, but we have the loop – it’s greek, and I don’t speak greek.

    but….in this case could you clarify what you want – you say you want your comments box to fit into your shell. What is it you can’t get working exactly? Are you trying to create an isolated comment box or will there be content at the top?

    Take a recent existing theme and take the index.php file out of it, and use that as your base. Remember that the header needs to include the wp stuff too (I think)

    Well, i just want the comments field and yes, a place for the text on top. and i want it to arcive to a page. I want it to function exactly as it does, just in my personalized shell. The site already exists, so I just want to implement a blog into it. This has been the most annoying process ever. Maybe the solution is a different product. If anyone can help…let me know.

    It shouldn’t be hard. I’ll try to help you, just send me an email to gmorenoq[at]gmail[dot]com to start talking about it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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