• Hi Niaz. I sent you an email but sometimes I know that emails may be sent to spam folders. I really need your help as I have been converting my website to WordPress. I have worked with WordPress in the past, so I am familiar how it works. But, I do have a few issues and am hoping you will help. Here’s the email I sent earlier:

    Hi Niaz,

    I have been working on one of my websites for the last couple of days (switching back to WordPress after building my own website for a while). I really like the platform of your simple e-commerce plug-in. It is so much more user-friendly than others I’ve experienced in the past. However, I am having difficulties in a few areas and am hoping you can help me. I was hoping to upgrade, but I don’t want to until I know that this works (as I’ve been burned by others in the past). I need the upgrade if this works for a couple of my sites as it has the bulk purchase with discount. Following are some of the problems I’m having and hope you can help.

    (1) Checkout – When I click on “Click here to enter your information,” everything in my cart disappears.

    (2) Checkout – There are two titles with “Checkout” in a row. I would like to delete one of them.

    (3) Store – Product titles are in all caps and very large. Is there a way I can change the style of this? If so, how?

    (4) Products Page – When I switched the Store to Products Page, the fonts were completely lost. How do I style them as the rest of the theme?

    (5) Under Products Page, there are sub-menus called Checkout, Transaction Results, and Your Account. What are these? I don’t understand why they are on my page as they don’t seem to do anything when I add products to my cart. Can I delete these pages? Can I also delete the Products Pages and just use Store as Cart and Checkout are sub-menus for Store?

    By the way, I would have given up by now but I really like your plug-in platform. If I can get it to work correctly, you will have a loyal customer. It’s not often that I will write to the developer asking for help. Usually, I will just delete the plug-in and find another. However, I like that you provide fantastic customer service to your clients.


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  • Plugin Author n.showket


    Hi I replied you …
    please keep the communication on the email until you are happy.

    Thanks again

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