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  1. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I would really appreciate some help with Solostream's WP Launch. I want to load a custom header and have absolutely no idea how to do this. Several others have tried to help but they couldn't figure it out either. Because I got the theme for free I cannot access Solostream's forum to get help there. :(
    Is anyone here familiar with WP Launch? Is it even possible to put in a custom header in this theme or do I have to change themes?
    If I do change themes, will it mean re-loading all my plugins and widgets and everything. What will I lose?
    Also,is changing themes a simple procedure that I do in the dashboard of WordPress or do I need to also do it at my domain host?
    Am I even asking the right questions?
    Obvious that I am new to all of this, right? :)
    Anyone have a little time to spare?

  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 6 years ago #

    There are thousands of WordPress themes - which means that many people won't be familiar with your particular theme. So a link to your site might help.

  3. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thank you. I've just changed the theme but could always change it back if someone came forward to help with it.
    blog address is christinemcintyre.me

    I would still prefer to use the solostream wp launch theme, if I can get it the way I want it. :)

  4. djeff8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    hey christine. how did you get the theme for free? i see on their site it costs $79.

    why don't you just pay for the theme - like people who have integrity - and perhaps the solostream folks will help you out.

  5. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    djeff8593 - It is not for lack of integrity but rather lack of finances at the moment. Your comment is very mean and judgmental, particularly in light of the fact that you know nothing of me nor my present circumstances.
    In reply to your question, I got the theme from Solostream's website. I believe it was a promotion they were offering when they launched this theme. I realize I would have access to their support if I bought it now, and I have every intention of doing so when I can afford it, however, in the interim I would still like to use it as I really like it.
    When I come to a forum for assistance, I expect to be treated with a modicum of respect. I help others whenever and wherever I am able, without derision or judgment. When I am unable to say anything kind, I keep silent.

  6. djeff8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    "In reply to your question, I got the theme from Solostream's website. I believe it was a promotion they were offering when they launched this theme."

    Christine. Now, come on. You know that's a lie. I've been a customer of Solostream for some time, and I see everything they publish. If they ever would have offered this theme for free, I certainly would have taken advantage of the offer.

    Besides, it's clear you downloaded the theme illegally, because the link in the site footer points to [link removed] rather than solostream.com.

    "When I come to a forum for assistance, I expect to be treated with a modicum of respect."

    Respect. Yes, that;s a great word. Can you respect the Solostream folks enough to not steal their work?

    "I help others whenever and wherever I am able, without derision or judgment. When I am unable to say anything kind, I keep silent."

    Really? Judging by your profile page at http://wordpress.org/support/profile/5779794, it would seem otherwise. You haven't responded to one thread on this forum. You haven't helped even a single person on this forum. You only came here to get help for your illegal and unethical activities. The writing on your site is very noble and spiritual sounding, but I guess being spiritual and noble sounding doesn't equate to having integrity. Believe me when I tell you that you won't get far in any business pursuit that way.

  7. djeff8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    And by the way, there are plenty of nice, free themes out there that you don't have to steal someone's copyright protected work.

  8. aaron929
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'd like to chime in on this topic as I'm a Solostream customer as well. Christine, while I respect your position, I have to agree with djeff8593. I see everything that Solostream publishes, and I know for a fact that they didn't ever offer wp-launch for free. Afterall, they make their living by selling wordpress themes; not giving them away.

    Besides, they do offer several nice, free wordpress themes on their site. True, they are not as nice as the premium themes they offer, but at least they offer them.

    I have only good things to say about Solostream's support folks. They consistently take care of their customers, and I'm sure it would be worth the investment to actually purchase one of their themes.

    And one other thing ... there are a lot of fly-by-night sites out there offering stolen themes. And most of the time, they've modified the theme so that you get all these weird ads popping up on your site. Solostream does not do that. Their themes are solid and they have the best interest of their customers in mind.

    So Christine, if you did not download the theme from Solostream, consider yourself warned. As Forest Gump said, stolen wordpress themes are like a a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Or something like that.

    Blessings - Aaron

  9. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    You know, I'm flabberghasted! Is this how people behave online these days? For your information, I wouldn't have the first clue about how to go about stealing anything online, let alone a theme. I'm just not that technologically proficient! I have spent the better part of the last ten years in the jungle in Belize - without internet connection! I have a degree in History, NOT computer engineering (although I wish I had a degree in computer something so I would know how to do a simple thing like put up a banner!)
    You are making accusations that are completely unfounded, and insulting me in the process. I really have no idea how exactly it is that I got the new theme. I saw it being offered and I liked it and clicked on the download button. It's as simple as that. Seems to me, if somebody were to steal something like that they would need to have a lot of computer savvy to do so. And, I'm sorry to disappoint you (since you are so insistent that I am somehow in the wrong!), but that just isn't me. The truth is, I am desperately trying to catch up on everything I've missed these last ten years - and frankly, a lot has changed on the web and there is a LOT to learn. Up until very recently all I was able to do with an efficacy was send and receive emails and design a rudimentary website (and that only because I had learned how to do it in Claris Homepage more than ten years ago!)
    You are being extremely unfair. As for helping others - yes, it's true I haven't helped anyone at this forum yet because I don't often come here - I have known of the existence of this forum for a few months now and may have come once or twice in the beginning regarding wordpress issues - can't remember now - but usually I try to figure things out by myself. When I mentioned helping people, I didn't mean necessarily at this forum. I meant generally in life.
    As for disrespecting Solostream, how can I have disrespected them when they themselves were offering their theme for free (and I do remember seeing something about not having access to their support unless you bought it - which is perfectly acceptable considering it was free) You yourself say you would have taken advantage of it:
    "If they ever would have offered this theme for free, I certainly would have taken advantage of the offer."
    And yes, I agree there are some very nice free themes available, but the point I'm trying to make is that when I downloaded this particular theme it was free! So please, stop accusing me of something I did not nor could not do!
    If you truly believe that I somehow stole the theme, then why not report me to Solostream? God knows, I would love to be able to speak with them!

  10. djeff8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Okay, so you've been in the jungle for 10 years. Welcome back.

    You've been made aware of your crime, so, if you have any integrity at all, fix it. Buy the theme or take it down, and stop whining about how this is so unfair. It's unfair that you're using a theme illegally.

    "If you truly believe that I somehow stole the theme, then why not report me to Solostream?"

    You know, that's a good idea. I thought I could convince you to do the right thing myself, but clearly you have no conscience. So I will notify Solostream and let them handle it. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them very soon.

  11. djeff8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Update: I just sent them a message to let them know you're using their theme illegally. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them. If you take the theme down now, they may not have you site shut down.


    To quote Aaron ... "Blessings"

  12. ThemeAwesome
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @Christine McIntyre

    Actually this theme has never been offered for free...trust me on this ;o) And yes if you did not pay for theme and got it free, then guess what? You stole it! Plain and simple!

    Being an educated individual, you should know better and if you don't, then maybe you should get a refund on that education because its obvious you didn't learn anything.

  13. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @aaron929 Sorry but I did not see your post until now. If I had, I would have understood better and responded differently to djeff8593. I now realize that it must be possible for people to steal themes. And for others to unwittingly "handle" stolen themes. I have learned much because of this discussion - in the future I shall be on my guard!

    I have contacted Solostream myself and sent them a copy of this discussion. I prefer to be in contact with them directly in order to sort this out. I believe I found in my History menu the site where I downloaded WP Launch. If this site is dealing in stolen themes then Solostream must be advised.

    As for djeff8593, you might have simply informed me without the denigration and accusations. People do make honest mistakes you know, especially when they are neophytes. If you had explained at the outset that there are sites that illegally give away themes, I myself would have contacted Solostream immediately. I just now went to the site you posted earlier [link removed] and can honestly tell you that I have never before seen that site. Nor do I have that address in my History list.

    But I do have this one: [link removed] I suspect this is where I downloaded WP Launch. But I'm not sure. The truth is I don't remember exactly from which site I got it as it was quite some time ago and there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then. I'm still looking though my History list for all possible options. In any case, it is between Solostream and myself now.

    As for @tsquez, tell me who was the leading Russian feminist at the time of the Russian Revolution? You see, you may not know this (I am not assuming that you don't, but simply using it as an example to make a point.) And the point is: everyday of my life I learn something new and I never presume that I know everything. Being educated doesn't make me omniscient. And I don't expect others to know everything either, educated or not. I may not be as computer literate as I would wish to be, but every day I am learning. And I did learn something very important this evening. Despite the insults.

  14. Wendihihihi
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OMG!!!!!! I have been searching so long for this theme!!!!

    Thank you, Christine, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this link online!!!

    Love you forever,
    Your partner in crime,


    p.s. do you have more of those wonderful links??? Pretty please....
    p.s. p.s. Owwww, and I love history!!! I was Clara Zetkin, wasn't it, the feminist???

  15. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is ridiculous. I am no partner in crime. This discussion is coming down immediately.

  16. ThemeAwesome
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Christine it doesn't matter who the leading Russian feminist at the time of the Russian revolution was nor do I care...I am not Russian and I wasn't alive at that point in time.

    But lets do this shall we, let us help the propagation of illegal copies of premium WordPress themes by posting links, for everyone to see, to sites that offer them to begin with.

    So I have a question for you: Who helped spread links to sites that offer downloads of themes that people put a lot of time and effort into?

    <....shaking head

    hopefully a mod or admin will remove the link.

    And hopefully you learned something "new" today.

  17. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have already contacted admin to remove the link or take down the whole discussion. And what about the link that @djeff8593 posted? It too has themes for free - are they legal?
    Arrrghhhh. When I wrote that post it was in response to this discussion. I was acting in good faith - stupidly, I now realize.
    This whole episode is turning into a huge wake up call.

  18. sgordon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Just as an aside - Christine, in the future it is sometimes helpful to read the "READ ME" files upon unzipping content. The themes contained in the links more or less indicate that they're stolen.

    There are a multitude of free and high quality themes out there. I'm using Arras as mine. The big difference between premium and free themes are the premium themes sometimes come with the PSD files, come with specific plug-ins that add to the functionality (and are already properly integrated for their point release), offer developer support, and sometimes have a regular update schedule (at least from what I've noticed).

    Still, a growing number of free themes are starting to do the same - even premium themes will sometimes have a 'lite' version to give you something, but encourage purchasing them.

    I'm not going to assume you knew you were in receipt of a stolen product - as unlikely as some may feel, I can see where someone would be mislead into thinking that the acquisition point was legit - especially someone who's not overly familiar with how insidious the interwebs can be, but it is important to check and make sure - particularly with design, that you're not getting something stolen.

    On that site there are a couple of tell tale indicators that the site isn't exactly legit (yet I'm puzzled how it has remained 'up'). There are a lot of sites like it also - the best place to get solid free themes if from the WordPress theme directory, at least for now until you get familiar with what's legal and what's not. WP isn't going to distribute a stolen theme or plug-in. Other methods would be to google "WP theme designers" and from there just sort of trace their designs to legit site like MooThemes / ThemeForest / Smashing Magazine / Tutorial 9 / WDL.

    On the other hand - everyone knows what mistake you won't be making again...

  19. sgordon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Also, THEIR source uses something other than their own server to store and distribute - but most of what I find is not the latest point releases of the themes, so - going back to your original question - outside of the situation, yes on most themes you can add a custom header image, a custom BG image - for the most part you can completely re-skin any theme, you just have to know where in which files to alter. Generally look through your style sheet and then the header.php or index.php

  20. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thank you @sgordon for at least giving me the benefit of the doubt. I also thank you for taking the time to explain the things you did. You are a kind (and rational) soul.
    It is sometimes very confusing for me and I more often than not feel like a babe in the woods as I try to navigate the web. But I am learning - unfortunately sometimes the lessons come as a result of mistakes, serious ones I might add. I have taken all your points to heart. I will try my best to be more careful now that I know (little miss wendihihi drove the point home better than anyone!) about how insidious some can be.
    It is now way past 3am and I am still here trying to find a theme that is legit to use on my blog. I thank you for the list of 'legit" theme sites, but now I am so paranoid that I'm thinking I don't know who YOU are and you could perhaps be misleading me. How can I know anything for sure or trust anyone? Things have gotten very tricky indeed!
    In fact, in the last few hours while looking around for a legal theme, I have run across other sites that are giving away solostream themes. Doesn't solostream do a regular check on this? I mean, if I can find them, certainly they can and then of course they could do something about it. I would think, anyway. In any case, I think I'll take your advice and stick with WordPress Directory for now until I am better informed.
    Changing themes will have to wait till the morning as I am exhausted now and heading off to sleep.
    Oh yes, thank you for advising me about illegal plugins too. Something else I did not know and would never have thought.
    I wonder why it's taking the forum moderators so long to reply?
    I must go...
    Thank you for your "voice of reason."

  21. sgordon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Well mods have lives as well. Most site moderators are people doing it out of kindness, or they may feel that this thread is a shining example for others.

    Solostream may or may not know about it. I'm not overly familiar with the manner in which solostream behaves as a company (their monitoring or level of concern), and it stands to reason that if someone buys from them, they can easily look up and see if they have a legit copy of the theme prior to giving their professional level of help. Pirates can be smart, but do can developers. Like you, I'm sort of broke - but like I said - there's enough free resources that have a robust support structure that about anything can be accomplished.

    If you need further assistance in finding a theme, let me know and I'll do what I can to help you determine what theme based on what I'm familiar with (for starters - what is the overall purpose of your blog? - finding a theme that fits this is far more important than finding one that has neat features)

    As for 'trust', that's earned. Whether or not you trust me is dependent upon your willingness to do so and if you've researched who I am (not that I'm important, but I can bee easily Googled)

  22. sgordon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    If you're overly curious about the solostream themes, maybe an email to them directly with links to where you're finding them might be worth the time.

  23. Christine McIntyre
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Good morning Gordon,
    I am surprised to find this thread still here. I guess it is what you say, that the moderators will let it stand as an example. In any case, I had already written to Michael Pollock at Solostream last night and received a reply this morning. He is very kind and understanding and there are no hard feelings between us. Whew!
    He has explained to me that they do know about the illegal sites and are still trying to figure out what to do about them - apparently it's not such an easy process. I'm sure they will find a way to protect their work in the future. In the interim it's great that they have such loyal customers. Even though I didn't appreciate the manner in which I was treated by some here, I did appreciate that Solostream customers stood up to defend the company's rights.

    Thank you for your kind offer of assistance. I think I will be fine now. I have figured out how to change the theme and I do know how to add plugins and widgets (I've been taking tutorials) so I can improve it's functionality. Now I'm off in search of one that will allow me to load a custom banner. Wish me luck.

    You are welcome to visit my blog. It isn't quite launched yet - only a few people are aware of it. As soon as I flesh it out, I will begin promoting it. In any case, you are welcome to visit. Thank you again!


  24. mdp8593
    Posted 6 years ago #

    On behalf of the entire Solostream team, I want to publicly thank djeff8593, aaron929, tsquez and sgordon for your support throughout this thread. Please let me know if there's anything we can do to return the favor.

    Sadly, it's becoming quite a nuisance to try and police the Internet for stolen themes. We are aware of many of the offenders out there, including the one mentioned in this thread, and we are trying to figure out what to do about them.

    In some cases we can get the sites shut down for copyright infringement, but many times, these sites are operated by people who know they are operating outside the law, and they go to great lengths to prevent people like us from being able to stop them. It's becoming quite a time drain.

    We are exploring the possibility of building in some sort of authentication mechanism that would require an activation code for use of our themes, but we've not gotten there yet.

    It would be great if one of the moderators could remove the offending links mentioned in the thread. I did download one of the themes, and it's clear they've added some encrypted code to the footer of the theme, and who knows what that code does.

    And get this ... they even added this to the footer template:

    "WARNING: This file is protected by copyright law. To reverse engineer or decode this file is strictly prohibited."

    Wow. Brazen scumbags.

    Michael Pollock
    Solostream Chief Marketing Officer

  25. Samuel B

    Posted 6 years ago #

    ok - this thread is now done - I think everyone gets the idea
    this thread will not be deleted just because someone was caught with their pants down

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