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  • I’m messing with a layout here:

    The h1 at the top of the header is getting cut off in Safari (Windows v3.1.1), but is looking as expected in Firefox and IE7.

    Been searching google and not finding much support. If you could take a quick look and give me a pointer, please let me know. Thank you.

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  • I can’t really help you with safari, but I can I suggest you simply wrap your links in anchor tags if you want to make them look shorter?

    Obfuscating links via redirection services like tinyurl is a great way for malicious users to trap people into following dangerous links, which is why a lot of people just learn not to follow them.

    this is *especially* true of people asking you to visit a link with a specific browser, which may have specific exploits, if you take my meaning.

    Just trying to increase your chances of success while you can still edit your opening post.

    Alright, I just put the direct link.

    Also added an image on top above the header text, it seems to be something with the CSS for the h1, header, or a.

    Well, Safari doesn’t like margin-top: 0px on the #header h1. Removing it adds unwanted space in Firefox and IE, but fixes it in Safari. Go figure.

    tried it without the units? could be a simple bug.

    margin-top: 0; ?

    Just tried it and there was no change. Thanks for trying.

    About to just use a different stylesheet for Safari. It’s important that it works with it on this site.

    I found a “hack” that worked in older versions of Safari. Where you add # at the end of the margin-top line, but it doesn’t work in version 3+. If anyone knows how to solved the margin-top: 0px; thing in Safari please let me know.

    apple users: Where’s your god now!?

    Another funny thing, I went to validate the XHTML, and changed from transitional to strict. The h1 I’m having issues with moved down about 2 pixels in Safari. Not fixing the issue, but yeah.

    Changed it to margin-top: 5px; Looks fine in Safari, going to just live with 5 extra pixels in IE and Firefox, until I find a solution that doesn’t involve its own stylesheet.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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