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    Hi Guys,

    We had a contractor developed a wordpress based website. After he finished, he gave me the login credential. Now, I’d like to backup the entire website but I’m having a hard time to figure out where the files are.

    I’m not sure if I need to install the wordpress again on my local PC.
    Please let me know what other info I need to provide so that you guys can help me.


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    Files: often saved in your web hosting file manager area. Contact your webhosting support team for guidance on how to download a copy for safekeeping. (WordPress includes, WordPress admin, WP-Content folder, various WordPress files like WP config)

    Database: often saved in your web hosting PHPMYADMIN area. Contact your webhosting support team for guidance on how to export a copy for safekeeping. (all posts, pages, options etc)

    Some webhosting plans include a backup service. Contact your webhosting support team for guidance. There are several paid and free backup services available too.

    There are many ways to backup a WordPress website, there are also many plugins that can do this for you.

    Your WordPress site has three kinds of files and one database.
    > Core WordPress Files
    > Files in the wp-content Folder (your theme, plugins, and uploads)
    > WordPress configuration files
    > Your WordPress Database

    You can save the entire folder WordPress lives in though FTP or Filemanager(or whatever your preferred tool is) this will take care of the first 3, then you must download the database, usually from the server.

    I hope this helps.

    At the first I thought it should be on the as we have our domain hosted by them, but I could not see a Cpanel. Then, I ran the whoishostingthis and it shows that the Hosting Provider is “Unified”, but I have no access to that. The credential he gave me is only for wp-admin (not sure if this is enough).

    I installed a FileZilla, but not sure who host is and what the username/password are.

    Should I contact that contractor for those information ?

    If you need to do it manually yes, but if you use a good backup plugin you can get it all from within your WordPress login.

    However, if you ever need to restore or troubleshoot an install having full access to the hosting is a must IMHO.



    Access to the webhosting that is connected to your website is critical if you will be managing it.
    Who is paying the bill for webhosting plan?
    Does the “contractor” own the webhosting plan?

    At this moment, that is my biggest question..I’m not aware of any hosting plan. Since I don’t have much web dev experience, I want to know if it’s common/normal for web contractor to host their client’s website on contractor’s own hosting account?

    Another question is, let say I don’t want this website anymore, and since I have the admin login to the website, how do I erase it ? Would changing the WordPress URL and site address URL enough to block it from using my godaddy domain ?



    1-If you think the consultant has ownership of the webhosting account, Contact the consultant to ask about getting access to the webhosting account that is connected to your domain name.
    2-If you are the owner of the domain name, you can control where it is connected. (i.e. to which webhosting account). Contact GoDaddy support for guidance on how to change settings (if that is your domain name registrar).
    3-Assuming you have administrator level capabilities for WP-Admin area you can control what is / is not available.
    4-To completely erase the site, deleting the database and all files associated with the site would be the actions to take. this will require access to various areas of the webhosting account.

    @contentiskey @kimwhite
    Thanks for your help.
    I now have the access to the webhosting.
    I will mark this resolved.

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