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  • So I am as of right now just finishing my first site. I would like to create more sites and use multisite along with infiniteWP to do so. I could just really use some help. I know there are tutorials and yes I am familiar with my godaddy ftp and text editor to install just would like some input before I do this. Like……

    Will I need multiple databases?
    Am I better off starting out with a clean install of wordpress for each site it their directory?
    Will I notice speed issues?

    What do I need to know before attacking this ?

    Ultimately I have multiple people asking me to build sites and I am looking for the solution with the best results.

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  • Multisite will use one database, one user base, one plugin base, one theme base.

    The caveat to using it is that if someone wants to eventually leave and be hosted elsewhere, it’s complicated (and annoying) to move them.

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