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  • Hi there!

    I have had an attack on 9th of February, the hacker managed to overwrite a blog post but after cleaning the site and deleting this, we found out that 4 more posts are lost. So the options to solve this issue are:

    1) restoring the entire BACKUP from HostGator before the attack this would bring back the WP 4.7.1. (vulnerable version) of the site with old passwords too.

    2) Restore the single 4 posts >>>>how can I do that? Would it be possible to extract these 4 posts from the database of the plugin or from HostGator alone?

    3) Restore them manually one by one by using the old permalinks.

    Can you please help me in which direction is better to go to avoid to endanger the site again and with the most sensible solution.


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  • If you get a database backup from Hostgator in the form of a SQL file, you could extract the posts from it and manually publish them again.

    But it may just be quicker to re-publish them if you have a copy of the posts via revision history

    Hi Dan, many thanks for your precious advice, I will ak HostGator to do so, I doubt they can do it, but worth trying my best.
    I think re-publishing them is the most viable option so far, I am not aware of what where on WP the revision-history is. Any tips on where I could find it?
    Thanks again.

    Hi michela,

    Manually Republishing the 4 post is the good option. You can find the Latest WP Version details

    Hi Deivamoorthy, thanks for your advice! I am with you. I have found a database on a sql format from January 2017, so I may be able to extract the 4 posts from this file and manually republish them. Thanks again. Cheers, M.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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