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  • Hi, I just installed this as well.

    anywhere you want to include language tags OUTSIDE of posts, thread titles or catagory titles, use:

    <?php _e(“[lang_en]en[/lang_en][lang_fr]fr[/lang_fr]”); ?>

    for example, I have a header image. I made a directory en and fr and put logo.jpg in both (one english, one french) and used the following: <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/images/<?php _e(“[lang_en]en[/lang_en][lang_fr]fr[/lang_fr]”); ?>/logo.jpg”>

    works on my end.

    I guess what you will have to do is find the code where your upcoming events tile is and surround it with <?php e(” and “); ?>

    that should work.

    I need help too, I need to know how to not show up a post if there is no translation for it!

    Hi, I have the same problem but i can’t find the place in my “sidebar.php”.

    Can you explain me the place in which I should add the string you proposed?

    Thank you!

    I forgot.. by sending you or here my standard sidebar.php

    this call is not working for me…Here’s my template setup:
    <?php _e('[lang_en]text text tesxt text[/lang_en][lang_pt]different text text tesxt text[/lang_pt]'); ?>

    I go to the “pt” page and it works fine, but the “en” page just gives me this:

    [lang_en]text text tesxt text[/lang_en][lang_pt]different text text tesxt text[/lang_pt]


    Have you solved qTranslate <-> Event Calendar 3 compatibility?

    to solve:

    TO FIX THE SHADOW BOX post_titles when rollover an event on the calendar widget:

    template-functions.php line 235:

    change this:
    . ‘” title=”‘ . $calendar_days[$day_id]->get_titles() . ‘”‘;

    to this:
    . ‘” title=”‘ . __($calendar_days[$day_id]->get_titles()) . ‘”‘;

    TO FIX THE post_titles ON Upcoming events, line 442:
    to this:

    So, adding __(*) could solve, i guess, much of this on some other parts, i only fix what i´m using. Hope this help anybody like me!! 🙂

    MAKE A MISTAKE, rest one to lines count… so change code on lines 234 and 441.

    Also i found when you change the month, problem with titles on shadow box (rollover events) still happend, so change this: (line 179)


    to this:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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