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    I’ve just installed this today, and am trying to get a text link working so that when you hover over the text link, there is a preview pop-up. I got it to work once or twice, but without making any changes it won’t show up again.

    For the template, I’ve selected preview, and tried both preview script & preview script1–I’m not sure what the difference is since their code looks exactly alike. But when I use either of those for the template, my text that I want to be the link doesn’t show up, and it’s not in the shortcode. If I manually type it into the shortcode, the text shows up but no preview. If I don’t select a template, then the text shows up and is placed into the shortcode automatically. But there’s no preview–just the little international flags.

    To get the preview pop up, should I be using those templates? what’s the difference in them? I’ve tried both of them with the preview disabled and abled, and it doesn’t make a difference.


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  • TraciBunkers


    I have discovered if I paste the code directly from amazon for a pop-up, into my theme, then the pop-up works. But it only has my affiliate ID for the US.

    But if I paste the code from the default preview pop-up in the same place in my theme, it doesn’t work.

    If I create a new template, and past the amazon code into, I have the same issue as with the default preview pop-up template–the text isn’t put into the shortcode, and even if I paste it in “&text=whatever”, it doesn’t show.

    Also, I use the AddThis plugin. And when I have Amazon Links plugin activated, then my addthis plugin doesn’t work.



    After a lot of trial & error, I figured out the plugin wasn’t effecting the AddThis plugin. I was able to fix AddThis.

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    The preview template should be used in place of the one directly pasted into your theme, e.g. in footer of your theme (just before the closing </body> tag add the code:

    <?php if (function_exists(amazon_shortcode)) echo amazon_shortcode("template=preview script"); ?>

    This will bring in the javascript directly from the appropriate Amazon site.

    Then for your actual product links with an ASIN, either use one of the Product templates (image, thumbnail, etc.) or have no template to just produce the text link.

    Also be aware that if your browser has adblock software enabled the preview might be blocked.

    Hope this helps!




    Thanks Paul, I’ll give it a try.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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