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  1. Arnan de Gans
    Posted 5 years ago #

    For a plugin i'm making i need some help with selecting user roles.

    I create/add some capabilities i add to existing roles which works fine. I also create a new userrole. Which also works fine.
    The problem lies in selecting that role.
    I've made a dropdown menu which lists all roles but selecting the right role often results in wrong access rights because the dropdown doesn't work right.

    My current code:

    $all_roles 		= $wp_roles->roles;
    $editable_roles = apply_filters('editable_roles', $all_roles);

    And the dropdown:

    <select name="miner_corp_statistics">
    	<?php foreach($editable_roles as $role) { ?>
    		<?php $capabilities = array_keys($role['capabilities']); ?>
    		<option value="<?php echo current($capabilities); ?>" <?php if(in_array($miner_config['corp_statistics'], $capabilities)) { echo 'selected'; } ?>><?php echo $role['name']; ?></option>
    	<?php }	unset($role);?>
    </select> Minimum required userlevel to see the statistics.

    This in essence works fine. But since it relies on in_array() its hardly reliable. For example if i select the subscriber role i almost always end up assigning my newly made role. Which obviously is wrong. I suspect this happens because of the capabilities assigned.

    The roles and capabilities are created using this code on plugin activation:

    add_role('miner_user', 'Corp Miner', array('read', 'miner_user'));
    	add_role('miner_supervisor', 'Corp Supervisor', array('read', 'miner_user', 'miner_supervisor'));
    	add_role('miner_administrator', 'Corp Administrator', array('read', 'miner_user','miner_supervisor', 'miner_administrator'));

    Perhaps i'm missing something, perhaps i did it wrong entirely. I'm not sure. I've spend all evening on the codex and google yesterday with zero results on the dropdown. I did found out my way of adding the roles and capabilities is right.

    Any help is appreciated. Some tutorial, snippet, manual... Something to make this work. Thanks!

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