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  • I understand Search Engines give lower listings to “deep links.” So, I’ve done the following setup for my permalinks:


    and I am setting up the slug for each post.

    But, I was thinking that there could be a problem. A slug could wind up being the same wording as a Page slug is worded. So, I’m creating post slugs in a format like this example:


    Then, if I have an article called, for example, “Domain Trading” and a page called “Domain Trading” I won’t have a problem with the slug names.

    But, I don’t really like doing the “post050820” in the slug. Is there a better solution?

    Could I do /posts/%postname% without losing search position much? Am I even allowed to make up the “/posts/” part?

    Or could I do /%year%%monthnum%%day%/%postname% instead? Can I put the year and month and day together like that?

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  • I suppose I could also change the structure to:




    But, how much does one extra level cost in search engines? Barely anything or quite a bit?

    I also forgot to ask. Is there any problem, technically, to changing the permalink sturcture once posts are already made? I have a new blog so I’m not worried about breaking any incoming links. But, will anything break withing my WP site?

    Never mind.

    I figured it out.




    Which did you figure out: search engine penalties for deep-links, or changes to permalink structure after the fact? Share what you’ve found here so that others can learn, too!

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